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Scheherazade Nov 2019
Everyone's getting drunk
I'm getting sick of it
Calling each other
@ so n so
Like they really gettin used to it
I could talk about my heart
But I've already been through all this
Who's really gonna listen to a girl
Who's souls’ been through the worst of ****
& what's worse is, yet
Have I spoken on how bad it's been
Learned to keep my distance, even from my closest kin
Demeanor’s embedded, loyalty nothing like you expected
Raised myself, all alone, I never been big on affection
I’m never comfortable in a room unless I can see all the exits
Grandfather told me young, being misunderstood was a blessing.
If you’re pretty, now you’re dumb, & they don’t even expect it..  
When they start talkin reckless make sure that you’re checkin
Who not sayin much, and who just walked into confession
The realest ones won’t ever speak in new presence
the weakest of minds go the hardest when flexing
When u listen long enough, they repeat the same sentence
No luck with trust, the word alone ****** stress me
If mom came home we called is a blessing
Father was African, that was our only connection
Life was never easy, even with a privileged complexion
We tried to raise eachother but they gave us no direction
Now our mindset stuck on nothing
But money ******* and clubing
And if a sacrifice could save us
Then why did **** get this way since Jesus?
I can't even trust in any preachers
God give me a sign cause I need you

I've been walk towards the light
But it's hard not to trip
Scheherazade Oct 2017
Having you on my mind is driving me crazy
Not the heart broken kind but the kind that got me smokin alone lately
See when I think about what we went through
There’s a void when I remember you
I think my soul only sees souls
but I never got that close to you

I know I sweep in like a storm
And I know you’ve been broken lately
That’s why I left easy
I noticed your suffering daily
I just thought maybe I’d help make you feel alive again
I recognize that sad and hurt in you, for I have been
I just needed you to be stronger baby
To give in and not give up on maybes
Didn’t you think I’d be worth it,
      Or was it,
                All just the way you would word it
See I think we get what we deserve
What do you wish for when you get hurt?
Cause I’ve never actually seen you frown
Oh but darling, how many times I’ve watched you drown.
Scheherazade Oct 2017
You never let me see your pain
That's why the music is where you feel safe to say
How much you love me
Or through your eyes
How you cut me
Into three
Two for you one for me
One for your music one for your company
I'm use to the pain
But not the gluttony
Bite into me
Your demons fit right into me
With every piece you steal from me

But eat my darling
Just save the last slice for me
Scheherazade Apr 2017
Perfectly patient or patiently perfect,
Any way you would word it
The waiting seemed worth it
Perfectly believable
Or unbelievably perfect
Was it really that worth it
Or was it the way you would word it
Scheherazade Dec 2016
They got my life under a looking glass
Funny, cause there's so much they're looking past
Out in the cold, got me questioning "where my riders at?"
But pull up to a party
& ain't it funny how the car is packed..
Scheherazade Dec 2016
Everyone's personalities are starting to get real boring
Talking about loyaltyy
Like they even know it
Rollin with fakes and enemies
call them your boys?
Sounding like poet
Like "**** I was thinking the same ****!"
But she don wrote it
Here let me quote it
Go on and post it
Get a few thousand likes
Feel the hype
Forget that you stole it
Hold it
That's the exact **** I'm talkin bout
You only feel it when it's talked about
What ever the crowed on
You chalk it out
Like that revenge ****, you plan it out
Basically sellin yourself
How you wanna destroy another mans day
For that **** to just come around
Do you feel me know?
Or do you need me screamin loud
Like baby girlll pleasee open your mouth
I put the pen down
I write it out
I like the way that it looks
Like a pen pal
Don't need no body
I kick it with my self now
I've been down
This ***** too real now
I pulled myself up, I won't let myself down
Scheherazade Dec 2016
We've made it this far but where's the progress
We preach about love
But we embody a darkness
The angels of gods stress
Can't even imagine what he thinks while he watches
Like please god don't let this be my last test
I'll change I swear
Like I ain't say that the last test
Like I didn't just clean my hands from my last mess
But if you hear me out dear lord I can promise

I'll bow down to you
I'll Give my heart and soul to you
You own my body but my mind
Father I condone to you
I'll lower my crown, I owe my thrown to you
If you accept me father
I'm coming home to you
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