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Oceans below us,
planets spanning above us
We are very small
Could we call it love?
We had never even met
It could never be

Is anyone there?

I don't guess there would be.
I've asked that 100 times,
and 100 times silence answered.

I landed on this rock...
I can't say how long now.
Rations are holding up,
but I long for something more.

I long to hear a voice
someone other than me
that speaks back when
I say the words 'hello'.

I don't need a conversationalist!
Just another human being
to listen to me. Just so
I know that I actually exist.

Lately I've been wondering
that fact. I think this solitude
is starting to eat at me.
Do I know I am real?

Won't somebody say something?
Anything at all. I'm tired of
living in an echo chamber,
my only response being me.

Where is everyone? Why won't
they say something? Are they
playing some kind of prank?
Come out, wherever you're hiding!

Just say that you hear me.
Say that you understand me.
I need someone to listen
and say that they care.

Ha. Some joke this is.

I'll keep on looking then
for that someone who can
hear me. They must be out
there on this hunk of rock.

Won't you sing to me,
a whisper to a scream?
Won't you tell me all
your dark, dark secrets?

Bare all for me
so that they can
see what you really
are at your very core.

To hide from the light
is to hide from truth,
I know those fears
you tuck away inside.

You don't have to shout,
just whisper in my ear,
and I'll scream it to
the world for all to hear.

If the stab of fright
has stopped you, then
allow me to speak
your heart's sad truth.

To all the world, let me say
This poor fool is guilty:
guilty of that ***** deed,
of disgusting humanity.

You're just a human,
and horribly so.
Imperfect, incomplete,
unwhole, and unwell.

A bag of tears, anxieties,
mixed emotions and fears.
You are not one of us,
just a humanly impostor..
Raindrops drip down,
staining the grimy ground wet.
Again reminded.
The air is chilly,
the wild wind blows wistfully,
wondering where you went.
The sky is setting,
red-orange hues color all.
And I am at peace
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