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18h · 377
You make it
Perry 18h
Expensive words
do not make the poetry,
priceless hearts do
2d · 518
Perry 2d
Each and every glance
dominates my eyes.
Not to be thrown away,
I store them in my mind.
Like snow under the sun,
I'm melting all the time.
3d · 244
Happy to see you
Perry 3d
A goal is to see someone
happy because of you,
while you're looking
in the mirror
Perry 3d
Graceful as a figure skater, he glides so eloquently across the floor. Wait, oh no!! Smack!!! Into the refrigerator door. The on looking dogs provide a sympathetic, yet thunderous roar
5d · 492
Perry 5d
Clouds became flowers
The sun kissed her face
Grass carries her feet
The first day of spring
But she's all I see
7d · 574
Open blue
Perry 7d
She opens the sky with her eyes
Its an infinite blue or I am blind
I don't listen to the Sun anymore
I watch her to know the time
Mar 16 · 563
Daisies of you
Perry Mar 16
I hope all the clouds
steal away your tears.
So after it rains
all over the fields,
daisies that look like you
will bloom and appear.
Mar 14 · 380
Unkempt mind
Perry Mar 14
I brush my hair for hours,
my head's still a mess
Mar 13 · 477
She only wears light
Perry Mar 13
As I watched her change from wearing the moonlight into putting on the sunlight,
I wondered how many poems will be written about her and her life
Mar 12 · 518
Everything feels
Perry Mar 12
Words have feelings too,
just ask any poet
Mar 12 · 177
Perry Mar 12
I want to be one of those people
that becomes best friends
with life
Mar 10 · 510
Perry Mar 10
Even with unkempt hair and runny mascara, you are nothing less than a work of art. You have just been in the wrong gallery.
Mar 9 · 389
Gone people
Perry Mar 9
Sometimes people just disappear
Mar 9 · 616
Writing therapy
Perry Mar 9
Sometimes I wonder when I'm reading a poem if someone wrote it because it's one of the only things that is keeping that person alive.
Mar 8 · 339
We are strong
Perry Mar 8
Because we all hide
some kind of pain
at times
Mar 7 · 395
25 going on 72
Perry Mar 7
At some point I guess we realize time doesn't actually care about us
Mar 7 · 369
Stay, always (the end)
Perry Mar 7
I can't take credit for writing the happiest poem that's ever been written either. I am glad that the one that did though, wrote the two of us in it together, always
Mar 7 · 302
Stay, always (pt. 3)
Perry Mar 7
You do not have to face your demons alone anymore
Mar 7 · 146
Stay, always (pt. 2)
Perry Mar 7
I saw a shooting star last night and made a wish. The moon overheard me and has been staring for hours. Now even the sun has come up to have a look at you.
Mar 7 · 431
Stay, always
Perry Mar 7
I hope I am never credited
for writing the saddest poem
that has ever been written
Mar 6 · 619
Moonlight and windows
Perry Mar 6
I wrote a poem on the moon for you, so that you never feel lonely at night.
Mar 5 · 306
Foregone conclusion
Perry Mar 5
Her friends told her that she could not "fix" him. She should have listened
Mar 5 · 461
Perry Mar 5
It's okay to tremble and cry uncontrollably so the memories from a childhood you dont like talking about can pour out of your eyes on to the floor into a sopping mess of wreckage that can later be mopped up and discarded.
Mar 4 · 399
Perry Mar 4
I would like to be one of those people
that gets over things easily. Yeah that would be nice, but I just cant seem to shake that feeling of caring too much.
Mar 4 · 243
A fool's paradise
Perry Mar 4
Excuse me, do you have any tickets left for the popularity contest
Mar 3 · 363
Red and pink flowers
Perry Mar 3
I'll plant tulip seeds
inside your pillow
If ever you weep
while lying in bed,
red and pink flowers
will sprout up to hug
you around your head
Mar 3 · 325
Hey, World
Perry Mar 3
Lets cut each other a little slack, it's all of our first times trying to live a life here
Mar 2 · 324
Everyone loses
Perry Mar 2
Swallowing too many pills
will only leave someone else
Mar 1 · 372
Perry Mar 1
I find the way you attentively listen to each word I say before thoughtfully providing a response directly related to what I had just said very attractive.
Mar 1 · 88
Too crowded
Perry Mar 1
Graze my shoulders and glance at me momentarily if that's all you want, but I was hoping to touch your emotions so that you can feel mine
Mar 1 · 166
Your eyes
Perry Mar 1
How can something
thousands of light years away
shine so bright
that we can actually see it,

said the stars
Feb 28 · 837
Perry Feb 28
Be that person that goes around hugging the people that have the hurting hearts
Feb 28 · 582
Written beauty
Perry Feb 28
The light is a pen the sun uses to write a poem on the page that is Earth. Whether the middle of the day or ink is dripping from the reflecting moon at night, you are the words written for everyone to see.
Feb 27 · 112
Perry Feb 27
This shoe is old and unspectacular. There is dirt in every crevice and it is impossible to tell the original color of this thing. The seams are completely torn apart. I think it might be or actually might have been a Nike. I can't tell and this shoe obviously doesn't care what it is or was anymore. Someone has clearly walked many miles in this shoe, over several years I imagine. It may have been a very nice shoe at some point. It just simply is not anymore. It's old and there is a hole in the sole. No way this shoe is providing any protection or comfort to anyone's foot ever again. This shoe is just dying in a reeking trash can with other random articles of trash. This shoe scares me. I know I will see this shoe again one day, unfortunately it will be while looking in the mirror.
Feb 26 · 543
Perry Feb 26
Clothed or not, I always find myself thinking about your ***** soul
Feb 26 · 391
Quality time
Perry Feb 26
The best we can hope for is to find someone to sit around with and count each others eyelashes
Feb 26 · 217
Beta testing
Perry Feb 26
I think I might be an experiment in the human experience
Feb 26 · 271
Perry Feb 26
I find myself deeply concerned with you being able to get a solid 7 to 8 hours of sleep. It is important to me to make sure you have a well balanced, nutritious breakfast if you like.  I never want you to want for a reliable wifi connection. These seemingly small things have all of a sudden become important to me.
Feb 25 · 91
Just because
Perry Feb 25
I want to hold you close in my arms and look you right in your eyes, without needing any specific reason at all to do so
Feb 24 · 680
Perry Feb 24
I don't want the rain to stop today. It contributes to growth. Grass, leaves, flowers all find it necessary. The rain also reminds me of the absence of matter and the soul shattering chemistry that used to exist between us.
Feb 24 · 360
Perry Feb 24
If I look at the stars long enough will they eventually look at me
Feb 24 · 496
The life you've given it
Perry Feb 24
The most beautiful poem
I have ever read
in the world
is your
Feb 21 · 274
For fun or survival
Perry Feb 21
Is the goal trending, likes
or finding some kind
of peace in your life
Feb 21 · 133
Your decision
Perry Feb 21
You cannot decide how much love someone else will give you, but you can decide how much love you are worth
Feb 20 · 365
Closest to you
Perry Feb 20
I envy the spark between us
Feb 20 · 353
Unbalanced relationship
Perry Feb 20
If suggested to eat your thoughts,
someone's feeding you lies
Feb 19 · 531
Perry Feb 19
Here's to writing down some words
to try and explain EVERYTHING
that's going on in our heads
Feb 17 · 1.3k
It's poetry
Perry Feb 17
If your poem touches at least one person's heart, then it becomes more than a poem
Feb 17 · 548
Perry Feb 17
Find someone that will make
you want to hug yourself
Feb 17 · 663
Perry Feb 17
I want to help you
forget that you have scars
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