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Bevan Kirkland Dec 2019
Come join me in seniors paradise as my working days are done.
Come take it easy with me and soak up the midnight sun.

No need to worry about me cause I have gone completely insane.
No need to hurry cause these drugs **** the pain.

Only the devil knows,
it's hard to leave those panic attacks behind.
I often have these nightmares,
I’m shooting up empty all the time.

Looking towards the future where sedative pursuits are vast.
Kicking a new horizon even though reality is hard to grasp.

Come join me in this fantastical garden and leave those earnest days behind.
Oh look at those plastic flowers representing a more lively time.

Oh look at the concrete jungle for it shows the world has to end.
Who knows what lies ahead?
Perhaps even old age will become a friend

And pigs will inherit the earth,
Bevan Kirkland Dec 2019
My girl loves a girl
they kiss all the time.
Candy to lick and Honey to eat,
oh my it's simply sublime.

Sometime its a show
they do it all right.
******* ***** and
tongues licking all night.

They wiggle and dance
I’m the man!
Both only come for me
Bevan Kirkland Nov 2019
When I mislaid my name 
I took a really long walk
To the edge of infinity,
Searching for it

When I looked back
at the earth
You know,
they say it is round
But there lay a flat surface
And nothing round
could be found

No, the world isn’t round
I told myself
Then I knew I was wrong
The world is really round
And my thoughts were wrong
all along
when I had thought
my thoughts
had been square

And unbeknown to me
my thoughts were
always rolling
and falling
Into a pit full of
perpetual misery

If I ever wake up yesterday
Will I ever remember my name?

— The End —