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Reilly Feb 19
I'm here again.
In my thinking place.
I see you're here too.
Welcome back.
Its been a while.
Thank you for coming,
I wasn't sure if you'd return.
I know I wouldn't, if I could avoid it.
While relaxing on the path,
the tree line hides monsters.
There are no animals here,
only thoughts, the ones on the path are safe.
But the ones, beyond the trees,
thoughts of angst, and depression
hide just within the shadows.
They present themselves as horrible beasts.
stalking, waiting for me to step off the path.
Waiting to sink their teeth in me.
To trap me in their web, and never let me go.
It helps to have you here,
sharing this place with me,
the path is less narrow.
The monsters that hide along the edge
are less bold when we share this thinking place.
Thank you for reading,
Thank you for coming to my thinking place.
Reilly Jan 28
You are my spring
Fresh and new
young and welcoming
blossoming and lively
optimistic for the seasons to come

You are my summer
Hot and breezy
relaxing and refreshing
radiating warmth
looking forward to fall
unaware of the encroaching cold

You are my fall
Crisp and vibrant
golden and fruitful
enchanting but decomposing
weary of winter,
and the creeping frost

You are my winter
Cold and barren
sharp and silent
bitter and dead
waiting for spring
praying for the thaw
Reilly Jan 28
I built myself into a wall
Brick by brick
Carefully spreading the mortar
leveling each brick
a painstakingly long process
to ensure nothing could get through
nothing could hurt me
but the bricks were flawed
the mortar impure
as each block started to crumble
that which held it together did the same
as the bricks fell to rubble
the mortar turned to dust
I am in ruin
Reilly Dec 2018
Feelings differ
between people
on the subject of sleep.

Some find comfort
peace, happiness
between the sheets.

Others would rather
spend their time out of bed
looking for adventure
taking in the present.

But me
I never get up
and I never sleep.
I am always in the dark.
I am never safe.
For my dreams haunt me
same as the hours I spend awake.
My mind never rests.
There is no escape
from this
dark place.
Reilly Dec 2018
Driving home
Walking on the beach
Sitting on the edge of a cliff
Do I turn into traffic?
Do I sink beneath the sea?
Do I slip off the edge?
The void calls to me
and the voice is getting louder.
Should I answer the call?
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