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  Dec 2017 Clara Cipriano
"Write a poem for us to understand".

Why would I?
My poem's my heart and my ribs,
The galaxy scarf that's been strangling me for years;
My lover and companion,
My cup of tea that I enjoy in while hating it.

I enjoy my smooth ride in my imagination,
Where I do things I want to do here,
But which my mind itself does not let me do.

It's my sacred temple and the saviour who the temple is for.

Why do you have a need to understand it?
I'm the one jealously holding it,
Yet trembling to explain it.

My daily dose of galaxy.

My daily dose of hedonism.

Daily dose of suffocating.

Every day, closer to death, the closest to madness.

Welcome to the cup of my universe.
Enjoy it and hate it.
Explain if you can.
Clara Cipriano May 2017
What am I trying to say is this:
My world is in color and you,
You are the cherry red,
You are neon.
You are everything my heart
Did not know it could be.

And tonight,
I am indigo streaks
Across the world;
A suffocating introversion
A depression which once
Took hold of me.
Clara Cipriano May 2017
Somewhere between
the hushed voices,
the many body parts
and the pitch black,
his lips found mine
and I thought
that I wouldn't mind
feeling that
for the rest of my life
Clara Cipriano May 2017
And since the day
I fell in love with you
I lived in fear
someone better
will love you too.
Clara Cipriano May 2017
Maybe it was the way he walks with his head up high, or the way he whistles, or the way he carried his yellow umbrella down the hall, or maybe even the fact it was raining made me fall so deeply in love with him.
Clara Cipriano May 2017
And I swear
I could feel
his touch
every time
he would
look at me.
Clara Cipriano May 2017
She loved him for as long as she remembered and for her it was true love: she dreaming about him while he dreams about someone else.
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