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Mar 6 · 17
You will!! Mourn your addiction.
You will!! Sit and weep when the substance that was holding you together isn't there anymore.

You will!! feel intense pride with each day that passes.
You will!! Fill the gaps that was once taken up by insidious habbits.
You will!! taste more than you've ever tasted .
You will!! Smile more than you've ever smiled.

You won't !! Let it beat you.
You won't !! Let it stop you loving
You won't!! Let it stop you living.

You have !! Taken the first step to reclaiming yourself .

Be proud of each day that passes .
Mar 5 · 25
C########e you are
You are a not an"everyday"

You are a "I wish I could kiss her everyday "person .

You are not simply a "normal" person.

You are a " normally I don't talk to women this way person ".

You are not just a "fun" person .

You are a " you make my stomach feel funny" person .

You are not just a person who dreams.

You are a person who is dreamt about.

You are not just beautiful by description.

The word beautiful was made to describe you.

You are not a simply a mother .

You are a self sacrificial guardian angel and constant watcher of your 3 bright lights.

You are not just desirable .

You eclipse all available desire until the word desire means nothing to me.

You are not simply a woman.

You are pure female fire in your own right.

You are not just perfect in every way.

Everyday brings new perfections.

The way your lips feel pressed against mine, the way the tip of your tongue sparks with me in time.

The way your hands feel on my face, the way my hands perfectly glove your waist.

The way your head rests on my chest with a smike on your face.

You are a person who's effortless smiles can change lives.

You are @#@#@$@#@#.đź’™
Mar 5 · 239
Skin on skin
Skin on skin
Lips on lips
Hands touch hands
Hips push hips
Breast to chest
Eye to eye
Knee to knee
Thigh to thigh
One to one
Lip bite sighs
Rhythm to rhythm
Side by side
Complete bliss
Felt inside
Toes touch toes
Force like tides
Skin on skin
Lips touch lips
Head on chest
Sleep in bliss .

— The End —