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Charlie Keen Oct 11
It is easier to put on a fa├žade
That makes it seem as though your persona is comedy

Most masterminds behind the laughter
Are easily the ones who are best at

Charlie Keen Jul 2019
Often times
My heart will vouch for the bad

Not because I am the bad

But because
My soul
Wants to find the good in everything
Charlie Keen Apr 2019
Your mistakes
Fueled our non-existent blaze

Your actions
Your words

They were wooden logs
For our soon to be fire
Charlie Keen Sep 2018
I believe
That everyone is the future
Not women nor men
Can have it one sided
Because if that is the way you think
How do you expect change?
Charlie Keen Sep 2018
As I exhaled
My heart skipped a few beats
Leaving me with a breath
Of discoordination

Why is that?

When we leave unsolved problems
They become hurdles
Your body is then left to fight off
Without any thinking
Charlie Keen Sep 2018
Dear person, who used to think
Their whole life was ahead of them

I am so deeply sorry your treasured dreams
Were tarnished

When you had learned about your sickness
You had not yet believed in it because
The days were ahead of you
And hours seemed timeless

Then time stopped
And told you to lock your
Dreams away

And you were left
Looking for comfort
Charlie Keen Sep 2018
I've always desired a Capricorn
Because reading about them
Seemed nice on paper
Until I had crossed a Scorpio
And realized why I never ended up
With a sea goat
Because astrology is written in the stars
And not in your heart
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