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Your hand is on my back
And I'm listening to you.
You're talking about what moves you
What takes you up
And drops you.
What makes you sweat
And swear
And sigh
And start again tomorrow.
Your hand is on my back
And in my hair
And on my hips
And in my bones
And I'm listening to you
Claim me.
I could not have prepared for this.
I could not have packed a bag
And stashed it under my bed
In anticipation
Of running away with this idea.
I could not have planned this out.
To fall
And feel
And bleed
By every word.
I could not have seen this coming.
I could not have been waiting
for a relapse.
Or some kind of sign
That I'm here
And so are you
And you can see me.
I could not have prepared
For me to all come back at once.
It was the first feeling
That brushed passed me
Recognized me from another life
And sunk
Like something wet and warm
To rest against my bones.

The terrifying comfort
Of the up and down of chests
And whispering breath
And life, unaltered
The thickest air of all
Between your secrets and mine.

With every half said word
And open eye in the dark
A then becomes a now
A fist inside me loosens
Someone digs me up
and buries me alive.

Pressing my nose
against the glass in someone else's life
I found the end of the road
The one that ended a mile ago
and peeled me apart
at every stop sign.

In the day dark she started
With an arm around my waist
And a promise
And in the light that isn't morning
The door is closing
And I realize that I'm dead again.
Breaking up is hard to do
Especially when it hits you
Like the hot wet palm of a hand
That literally everything you own that is even remotely practical
Doesn't actually belong to you.
You never realize how utterly useless a toaster oven is
Until you have to use it instead of a microwave.
I mean, yeah, I was in love and now I'm not, which is pretty emotional.
My entire life is different and I have to completely reassess who I am-
But honestly- I'm a lot more concerned about how I'm going to heat up my alphaghetti
In a ******* toaster oven.
The road was darkest between streetlights.
Patches of mystery carved into the sharp, blue night.
A glow, a house, a chance, a kiss.
A scattered bolt of static on my wrist.
Grass and past under our feet
And only the air between us.
A long, deep breath is all I have to remember it.
I stole that night into my lungs and cleared the glorious path.
The long blue night, the glow, the light.
I came back to the ocean
And saw all of the world behind me.
The wreckage of one too many
Promising words.
The blackened remains of a dream deferred.
The ashes of the fresh water world.

I came back to the ocean
To undo what has been done.
To unbreak the broken and
Change the unchangeable.
To do the impossible.
To move mountains alone.

I came back to the ocean
And saw what was there for me.
The terrible silence and a heard cry for help.
A hat hook, a map
And a way back home.
A slammed door
cuts the world between us.
A shout, a moan of useless
barreling into the darkness.
The universe is calling
our souls apart.
But we are not ready,
and cannot hear it's cries.
A long silence,
a haze grows around me,
and I wonder if my voice is gone
or waiting for a question to answer.
The air is thick in here,
and hot.
Suddenly, I am filled with fear
and feel as if i'm falling.
The door slides open,
and you leak out into the stale air.
The cold floor under my back
warms under your hands.
Face to face,
you say my name
and we use our lips
to mend the world
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