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Byron Galang Jul 2016
You sang a song
A song of sweet despair
I clung to it
And was happy
Until you stopped singing
Then I despaired
Wanting you to sing
Your song of my despair
Byron Galang Jul 2016
The best memories that I had with you
Are now the nightmares that haunts me.
Byron Galang Jul 2016
I'm done.
I can't help but think
That I'm better off
Byron Galang Jun 2016
Within our forever
we promised each other
that we will be together
Forever and ever.

But that forever has ended,
and it was great while it lasted.
But times have changed.

I love you
And that will always be true.
No matter where you go,
No matter what you do.
I love you.
Byron Galang Jun 2016
Warmth and sweetness
changed to *agony and sadness

when you were gone,
making me believe
that you and I are done.
I'm still hoping
Byron Galang Feb 2016
Excitement rushed through me,
As I opened the door finding you there,
Smiling happily.
She surprised me
Byron Galang Feb 2016
'T was never my intention
To have this kind of emotion.
I feel a sense of urgency,
Like the feeling in a catastrophe,
When out of the blue,
I find myself...missing you.
For J.D.N.T.
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