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BrookieCookie Apr 2018
The Day When We Went Separate Ways

The day when we went separate ways is a day I won’t forget
But, it’s the day I regret.
It’s a day about when we first met.
But, it’s the day I regret.

Still here waiting for her apology,
Waiting patiently for hours off hand,
Dreading that she will say something awful.
Or for her to say something thoughtful.
But, she left me lying in the sand, dead and dried out,
She left me there like a starfish in the sun,
She told me that she was done.
I wouldn’t give up on our friendship,
But, it’s a day I regret.

She made me upset.
She was hypocritical,
I was sentimental.
She blamed me for ruining it all
I stood tall,
And would not let myself fall.
But, it’s a day I regret.

Now I sit here, thinking.
Just why?
Why we used to be good friends.
But, it’s a day I regret.
BrookieCookie Dec 2017
My 7th grade year was weird.
At first I was alone.
Until I found someone I knew.
We were great friends,
until I hung out with this boy.
My friend said, hangout with me more.
I said I´m sorry for ignoring you.
When I hung out with that boy,
He asked me to the dance.
I said no at first, but then I said yes.
Then we went to the dance,
I cried because it was my first, and last dance with him.
A month later he broke up with me.
I had friends in disguise.
They loved me for who I was.
At the end of the year,
We all said goodbye.
Then one day later,
I get a message from my first friend.
She said that she hated me.
And that was the end of my 7th grade year.
BrookieCookie Dec 2017
Boredom is where people are bored.
For example I'm bored.
I don't get to see my friends again
Until the 3rd.
Oh how boring my life is.
Just waiting for some fun.
But still, I'm bored.

— The End —