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B-rich May 30
Have you ever watched your best friend go ******* insane?
One moment your in her backyard playing and making forts
Then ten years later she’s trying to **** you
And I tried
Really tried to fix her
Tell her what’s wrong and what’s right
But as much as I’d like to think I was her medicine
I was actually her poison
I’ve been told a thousand times I’m to good for my own good
And now I know that’s true
Cause I could never hurt a fly
Or a leach like her
And that’s how she got worse
Because I let her get away with doing too many things to me
And people like to tell me it’s not my fault
But part of it was
Because I thought I was the hero
and that’s what made her the villain
Having a hard time processing an abusive relationship and figuring out what a trauma bond is. But this here are my real thoughts and feelings. Weather they are wrong or right this is how I feel.
B-rich Apr 27
I want every bad thing in the world to happen
right now
Just so I can feel normal…am I the villain?
Oh wow
B-rich Sep 2021
Boy, you can take me down town
And we can get a bite to eat.
By morning we’ll be wrapped up in a sheet,
A sheet of selfish deceit
Cause you are my red rose in a mist of blue

So take me down town
Just take me a away
I don’t care if it’s a fancy play
Or a date movie cliche
Cause you are my red rose in a mist of blue

If you take me down town
I can act out Shakespeare romances,
Soft glances,
And playful dances
Cause you are my red rose in a mist of blue

My red rose, it’s hard for me love.
I know it’s cruel,
And untrue,
But I refuse
To see through
The truth,
With you.
But if I have to, I’ll say it.
I just want to be loved,
Just want to be loved.
I want to be loved.
Oh, to be loved,
Just simply loved.
B-rich Jun 2021
I’m a teenage,
Minimum wage,
American worker.

Tryna not
Go to the hospital
Cause my family will go under.

Why do we work so hard to live,
When living is already so much work.

I’m a teenage,
Minimum wage,
American worker

My mom said to me,
“I’m sorry baby,
but you can’t be a kid anymore.”
And she walked me through
Our house’s red painted door

I wish I had more time
Before I began this side of my life

I’m a teenage,
Minimum wage,
American worker.
B-rich May 2021
Have you ever just wanted to be...
Simple happy
No sad feelings
Or getting angry

As simple as a tree
As simple as a bee
As simple as life
As simple as anything can simply be

Well nothings really simple at all
Not even a plain old wall
But over thinking this whole thing will be my downfall

Have you ever just wanted to be...
Simply happy
No sad feelings
Or getting angry
B-rich Apr 2021
Humans are like a web
A spider of misfortune our inventor
It’s hairy legs tickle us
Like strings we vibrate from our core
No sweet cord
Because that is the orchestra of life
A low, slow hum
And the giggle of a chime here and there
Just to make the grand finally
Worth something more
B-rich Mar 2021
If there weren’t liars
There would be mass war
But if there were only truth
The world would be at peace
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