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Nyawan Aug 2018
She thought it was forever
You knowing your feelings changed like the weather
You kept her warm
As if she wore a sweater
Your thorns hurt her more
You told her what she wanted to hear
You said losing her was your biggest fear
You played her like a game
You had others besides just her
Treating them the same way
You felt no shame
She slipped away
Her life was never the same
She developed trust issues
Now who is to blame
That she can’t love anyone
Pushing away
All due to a reoccurring pain
Fearing to be hurt once again

He has been used before
Stepped and to the core
He likes attention
He loves affection
He’s always relating the present
Back to when she left him
He says he loves her
But his feelings are gone
He just considers her another body he’s slept with
What he does is wrong
He hurts himself and her
All she wants is to make him happy
All he wants is a good time in bed
Followed by a lot of laughing
He’ll find it humorous at first
Then his life starts crashing
What if she was the one to make it
Love everlasting
Ironically now she replicates him doing
What he did to her
The cycle forever turns

— The End —