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Lunar Roses Jan 27
My heart emanates a bright glow
It's hole pouring that light all around me

What does it long for
A shadow or another light?

With my light, I could illuminate the shadow
Give it warmth that it so longed for

Or, with a light, I could finally seal a part of the hole
So there would be an equivalent exchange of warmth

Or am I the shadow?
All I look at are others
There light entrancing me like the beauty of a star
Maybe I don't radiate an ounce of light
I'm just in a futile attempt to siphon the radiance of others

Am I trapped in a hell where no light is right for me?
Or in a hell where no shadow is?


No amount of darkness could stop you to see
No amount of light could blind you

Just take it one step at a time
Life is rarely black and white

There's so many different colors radiating from everyone
We're all in this collage of pastels, both dark and light

Don't let this dredge of darkness and light make you lose sight
Lunar Roses Jan 26
I sit down in my workspace
With dread on my mind
I'm exhausted beyond belief
But to give up would be out of line

A memory creeps up from behind
Sensing my pain
A storm of happiness emerged
To brighten my day

The call is on
This storm's force is getting strong
It'll help me break the weather
And keep me together

The storm grows, and water flows
From my eyes down to my nose

I really forgot why I was still running, still running, still running

My brain says
This storm
will grow

With the speed of the wind
And a strength like thunder

This storm will
So I have to follow

This storm will
So I have to follow

This storm caused a grin
a grin like no other

This storm will
So I have to follow

This storm will
So I have to follow

This storm will
So I have to follow

This storm will
So I have to follow

The storm left me even though I ran after it, but not without
leaving me with a smile, and possibly a flood warning for my eyes 0.0
Ok real talk if you knew where the idea of the poem came from without clicking the link, your a legend but I got to give credit where credit is due

My poem is based off a song from my childhood, more specifically the Power Rangers Ninja Storm opening theme. I thought of it and it filled me with a ton of nostalgia which was incredibly helpful given how I was feeling. This definitely makes me appear as a child, but I am :) no use hiding that. Hopefully I can remind you of the child like spirit in all of us!

Original Song Lyricist and Composer: Ian Nichols and Jeremy Sweet

P.S. You can try to sing along but it won't quite work sorry!!
Lunar Roses Jan 25
You didn't ask for this relationship
I did
You didn't want a romance
I did
You wanted it to be casual
I couldn't
I would say you want to be friends
but I don't know if you do

My first mistake
I went into our friendship with romance in my eyes

My second mistake
I didn't let my feelings die that night

I dreamt of you the day I wanted to sever that connection
My head hurts
There's a pressure in my mind
Is this what our friendship is supposed to feel like?

I can't ask anything from anyone, in the end it's their life but still
Do you value our friendship? Or is it an obligation
Do you care about me? Or am I just another person in this world
Do you enjoy my company? Or am I just another part of your anxiety

If you do value me, then we can rebuild
But if you don't, then I don't know

I don't know
Lunar Roses Jan 25
The bustling city life
Only brings the death like traits in us all
But when it rains
I escape to my grotto

Nestled in a park of the city
It holds a shrine, a pond, and my peace

The rain trickles down the trees
where ripples disturb the sleeping pond

That's when I met her

Everyday it rained
I met her

Everyday it didn't
I thought of her

Everyday became the rainy days, while sunny days no longer held the same warmth

All that mattered was the garden
Were only words were spoken
Not words of our lives
Not words of our worries
But words of our hope

She was the only comfort
But summertime came

I worked every night, and tried to detach myself from her
But I couldn't
I couldn't

It was still sunny, but I didn't care

I went to the garden
She was there

There were no words to be said
Only my love to be heard

Thunder clashed with the atmosphere
And drove us home

We enjoyed this temporary happiness
Free of society, of worry, of thought
We only spoke words after all
There was no thought behind it
Only feeling
And with all my feeling I said those 3 words

"I love you"

Thunder reemerged
Happiness scuttled away
I changed, and left
I stood at those stairs

With sadness, anger, and loneliness
I know we couldn't be my mind repeated

Before I could change the words in my head
She called for me and stared at me with those sad eyes

"I hate you"

"Why don't you say what your feeling"
"What do you think will change"
"I hate you"
"I hate you"

Before I could say three words, she ran and hugged me with all her feelings. I forgot my words. I forgot my feelings. In one instant I understood her pain and sorrow. "You saved me, thank you"

It's winter now, my grotto lay barren
The trees no longer hold water droplets to be passed onto the pond
But I still remember her

In our garden of words
Were no real word was spoken
But real feelings clashed
Were thunder sang, and trees danced

Were rain was the bridge between two humans and their happiness

I always wonder how she is doing but I hold one thought to my heart

That someday it'll rain
I just watched the movie, Fiasftdgsk8i6ytdg amazing!!!
Lunar Roses Jan 23
We tried

With this flower we cultivated

Doused it in yellow paint
Glued sunflower seeds on it
Stapled green leaves
Taped yellow petals

But it's smell
It's not it
It's not what I'm looking for
No matter how well the disguise may look

It's just not right
Maybe we should accept it for what it is
It's not a sunflower, but a pretty flower nonetheless

I'll enjoy this flower's scent still, but let's take this facade off together
Lunar Roses Jan 22

The sun is shining in the sky
Void of any cloud, worry, in my eyes

And so I walk
I feel this warmth from all directions
and I walk

A journey? sure
but a pleasure none the less
it's days like these, that life's not such a mess

on the porch I sit, the blades of grass dancing in the wind
The trees shaking with delight
as they stare at my grin

My heart isn't always empty
On the contrary, its rather full
I misplace it sometimes, that's all
but this dance helps me remember

Remember that I'm loved.
Lunar Roses Jan 22
I´m walking down this dark space
above me the sun
below me the moon

In the sun, a grassy hill sits
with intertwined sunflowers bathing

In the moon, an iced over ocean emerged
With frozen blue roses sprouting from the cracks

But I'm neither here or there
I walk on this tightrope between two realities
covered in darkness, absent of love

I used to cry in the heat
Now I´m suffering in the cold
I use to drown in the water
Now I´m dying from thirst

In my 4 dimensional sun lies my love
In my 3 dimensional moon lies my longing
And in my 2 dimensional mind lies my loneliness
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