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Jade Rose Sep 2019
I'm sorry I left.

I'm not.

I wanted to be a part of something,
To feel like I belonged.

But I don't,
So that's okay.

I'm not jealous,
Or rather, I try not to be.

But I built this little world of mine,
And you built yours.

We were never meant to meet.

We shouldn't have.

And yet, here we are.
Here we are, tearing apart,
Crying, screaming, fighting,
But never truthfully.

I wanted to be something more,
You made me something less.
And yet, I still find myself running back to you.
Jade Rose Apr 2018
I must remain strong,
So I cover myself in illusions.

People cannot know
How much I truly hurt.

Rather, I flee to the silence
Where I can truly be at peace.

I am afraid.

That if I show my true colours,
People won't accept.

The same people that caused this pain.

But the truth is,
My real colours are far much worse.
They are ugly.

— The End —