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Billie Nov 2014
I'm killing my blonde forever
remember that blonde girl Billie
that was sad and uncanny
her boyfriend died and...then came suicide
she loved him alot and her taught her alot
they came to agreement that they were in love
THen he went up above became an angel in the sky and she had to say goodbye
the hurt was so bad tired of be sad then always being mad
she had seen romeo and julette and wanted to do it with no regret
the blonde the marilyn went down with out a sound
look a the stone with his name out of corner of her eye no more sighs
its time ill be there in time!!!
she had to go be with him they said they would be together till the end.

They found her there on top of the grave.
no one had surprise on their face….
They knew the love was so strong that nothing could break the bond.

so that blonde girl you knew
you need to get a clue
you say you want  to old me back
she’s not comming back and thats a fact!!!!!

— The End —