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Betty H Jun 2021
Alone on a dark blue sea
I sit in my small wooden boat
ponder my being, my life, my demise
my sea life friends embrace me

Alone, I wonder if this emptiness
is real or a dream
I search for the moon’s smile
to lighten my mood
I fear the darkness

Alone, I wonder if some soul desires me
I scan the night skies
white, yellow stars blink
perchance some hope

Alone, tears roll down my weathered face
hawks and seagulls shroud me
attempt to absorb their concern
hear whispers nearby
to alter my fire
take a chance on one’s pipe dream
Betty H Jun 2021

Fantasies of a mermaid
on a cloistered island, candle lit
she emerges from the cold abyss
slithers to my naked torso
electrifies me
flesh to flesh
musing as one

An intense painting
comes to a life
abstractions of intimacy
patterns of flirtation
hues of iridescent bronze, cobalt blue
washes in white

Muted whispers
she forsakes
plunges into deep shadows
Betty H Jun 2021

Aging folks, sagging cores
sliver of passion endures
two arthritics push life to the limit
travel like snails to reach the flesh
under silken sheets
ecstasy wilts
albeit, innermost embers
still burn
Betty H Jun 2021

Weightless hearts
bob up and down
on a cerulean blue sea
fisherman smile
dolphin’s wink

Weighted, woeful hearts
sink to the bottomless depths
to bond with onerous beasts
not once will they see the sun
Betty H May 2021
I follow you through my mind’s eye
When I awaken to sun’s greeting
When I slumber under moon’s wonder
Betty H May 2021
Trendy vibes
graffiti rhapsody
walls, fire hydrants, pissoirs, post boxes, lamp posts
barbie doll retro craze
gargoyles glued to decco slabs
slumber parties on empty benches
electronic beat echoes
through the canyons
cobblestone memories
restaurants, cafes, spew into streets
cars crawl gingerly
fearful of snagging
happy-go-lucky revelers
sunsets reflect off mirrored spires
notably one who harbors emotions
of a dynamic woman
and whose mood shifts with hues of color
Betty H Apr 2021

Willowy forests sustain us, creates new life
We breathe its colorful energy
Scents of pine, damp moss
Rain, wet tree stumps
Flowers, needle-covered paths
Winter snow saturates, whiteouts of magic

We hug trees for they soothe our inner core
Yet, the whine and grind of chainsaws
Denudes vast swathes of broken hearts
Shrivels in shreds of grief
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