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Betty H Apr 7
Muggy summer breeze
Draws a euphony of my neighbor’s violin
Into my open window
Curtains dance in the humid air
I listen, follow the notes
Whistle along that which is familiar
Birds chirp to enhance a harmony
Leaves rustle to complete a symphony

At once music ceases
I listen to the curses, loud noises
My neighbor wrestles with perfection
Though I fail to understand
She increases volume perhaps to improve quality

Abruptly, it stops
I hear a ferocious bang, ring in my rears
I surmise she flat broke her violin
Weeps and wails echo in the street
The maestro of perfection
Suffers defeat
Betty H Feb 28
Mourning Doves
Flutter their furry acoustic wings
Passionate pecks
Eyes flicker, glance for prey
Though calm they appear
Doves soar with the wind, in a blink
Swift creatures journey far
Still, forever render to their nests
Attend their young
Cavort with sweethearts
And purr to a starry slumber

Together, we frolic with trills and rapture
Eyes blink in unison, lashes flutter
Whispers tease our flesh
Calm intensifies to perfume bliss
In a nest of white satin sheets
We fly just in our dreams
And awaken to dawn’s soothing balm
Betty H Feb 26
**** moon
costumed in pink hues
cosmic feast
of colossal dimension
luminaries envelop
rock to moon’s glitter song
on a sandy beach
lovers’ smooch to cool blue vibes
Betty H Feb 24
Lavender, sweet orange, rich amethyst
Compress a deep cobalt sky
Breath of darkness soon encloses
Locks me in a cosmic dream
I ascend to a brilliant star
Somewhere life of sorts prevails
All and sundry float
Slightly overhead
Unknown to brush the glaze
Euphony cascades with moonbeams
Further, celestials dance in abstract forms
Whilst I awaken
My splendid star descends
In a gradual manner
To open my moody eyes
Betty H Feb 22
My subconscious
free from clutter
waters calm
luminary space of blues and violets
inner linings trimmed
dive with dolphins
scrutinize the moon's abstractions
chaos disengages, pink hues
Betty H Feb 22

We meet blue eyes to brown
As the sun embarks on its slumber
Lips reveal desire
I am eager
Though he ought to respect my bounds
Betty H Feb 22
Blue, pink streaks of radiance
peak through dark shades
conscious of daybreak, a glance
bodies twist into a ******* bow
dawn’s breath
scents of last eve’s balmy cologne
my winsome perfume
crusty eyes peep, blossom out
faint whispers of violet tenderness
hour after hour, hesitant to stir
relax the white bow
set in butterfly motion
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