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Ben Crump May 2018
By: Ben Crump

I feel their judging glares
As i am walking down the hall they stare
People boasting about themselves,
But i sit back and conceal

I hear the people talking behind my back
Being hit with a brick, but i try to stay on track

The ones who pass me
They don't know my story
But they will never know
How much it can hurt

It starts to get worse
Teasing turns to bullying
Pushing me when they notice me
Their intentions unknown

I try to ignore them
But they just get harder
It starts to turn more physical
They start to hit me
I feel the bruises forming
I try to tell the counselors
They say “There probably just playing”
I try to tell my parents
They say “You’re overreacting”

Stress builds up in me
I cry myself to sleep
My grades start to drop
The pain keeps growing

I try to tell them to stop
But they just get harder
One by one they join
My friends see right past it

One day we got in a fight
Throwing punches, pow, slap
It ended up badly for me,
On the floor bleeding

The color of the blood
Was a rising sun
The blood was gushing out
As fast as a geyser
I laid there for what felt like hours
But it was only minutes

I pick myself up out of a puddle of blood
Excruciating pain rushed through my body
The fighters were gone
I limp and wadle my way
To some help, because i can't stay

I crawled my way to the nearest door
I juggled the handle
It didn't move
I try the next the door, the same happens

I start to panic
Fear spikes through me
Blood still spilling
I let out a scream

Blood curdling scream pierced the silence
Echoing through the halls
I start to hear footsteps
They were coming closer
I start to black out
The last thing i saw was a face

I wake up in a hospital bed
An IV stuck to my arm
Stitches everywhere
Bandages everywhere

My mom walks in
She sees i am awake
She says i am going to be ok
But am i truly

The police rule the injuries as just an accident
When i heard that i was enraged
I try to tell everyone it wasn’t
But they don't believe me

I don't know what happens
In the outside world
Because i am attached in a hospital bed

I start to become transparent
I start losing friends
The doctor prescribes me opioids
Hoping addiction doesn't add to injury
I take them anyways
Because i can't bear the pain

Yes it sounds like i am whining
But i am telling my story for a reason
Bullying is the worst thing in our schools
And only you can stop it
I know i will remember everything
And i hope they will never forget
Because i now have scars for life
And am in a hospital bed
At the age of 14
Not based on true stories.

— The End —