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When losing focus,
we tend to complain...
Counting transgressions;
“They’ve done it again!”

Just looking for faults,
conclusion so plain...
We swallow camels,
but with a gnat strain!

Speaking Truth in Love,
will certainly fain...
But critical eyes,
shall surely cause pain!
Every wicked thought, refuse to cleave...
Lying in wait, their cause to deceive!
For who knows what, is under its sleeve...
Surely only mischief, to conceive!

Resist the devil, and he will leave...
Draw nigh to G0D, and don’t be naive!
And the “old man,” seek not to retrieve...
Else the Holy Spirit, shalt thou grieve!

The instruction of wisdom, receive...
His WORD with understanding, perceive!
Now unto you, therefore, who believe...
Practicing these, shall much stress relieve!
On Calvary, Christ’s blood was poured...
But that third day, He rose and soared!
For all those tears, He’s kept and stored...
His great LOVE will never sever!

We must take up, both shield and sword...
The battle, has long been warred!
And sleeping, we cannot afford...
Our enemy’s far too clever!

Now let’s Give Thanks, unto the LORD...
Uniting saints, with one accord!
Worthy is He, to be adored...
His mercy endures forever!
“Lord, hear my cry,
that this pain within me should flee...
I pray that you’d,
please allow for some reprieve.”
So I waited, with silence, and on bended knee...
Then He answered,
“My Grace is sufficient for thee.”

“Lord, hear my cry;
because my pain, I daily grieve...
I trust in You; with all my heart, I do believe.”
And then again, I wait, ever so patiently...
But, His reply:
“My Grace is sufficient for thee.”

“Lord, hear my cry.  
Wilt Thou harken unto my plea?
Three times I’ve prayed,
with great, expectant fervency.
Many gather, and in prayer, we now all agree...”
Yet, still His words...
”My Grace is sufficient for thee.”

“Lord, seek my heart.  
Art Thou enough for me to be?
Or, in my greed,
have I vainly, by You, been freed?
Thou knowest best;
even though I don’t clearly see...
Nevertheless, Thy Grace is sufficient for me.”
With the Lust of the Flesh, and Eyes...
And with the Pride of Life, come lies!
But masquerading sin’s disguise...
Leaves those deceived, with groping sighs!
When, at last, their grieving soul dies...
Within Hell’s flame, eternal cries!
Does this world,
have a stronghold on thee?
From *******,
dost thou seek to be free?
Open thine eyes,
that thou mayest see...
Listen and just,
take heed this decree!

Evil pursuits,
thou surely must flee...
And regard not,
the love of money!
Sinful pleasures,
shall come with a fee...
The wage of death,
is what it will be!

But Christ was crucified,
on a tree...
Salvation now bought,
for you and me!
Was paid in full,
trust only in He...
Repent your sins;
He’ll pardon your plea!
This world will seek after,
that pie in the sky...
When the Good News is shared,
they claim that we pry!
His great love constrains us,
so with tears we cry...
And pray to The Lord,
who continues to sigh!

Rejecting the Truth,
and of Christ they deny...
They will fight against God,
and choose to defy!
Seeking to transform into “gods”,
they’ll try...
By perfecting technology,
of A.l.!

‘Cause many will accept,
and believe “The Lie”...
The human extinction,
would soon then be nigh!
But for the elect’s sake,
not all flesh will die...
For those days shall be shortened,
by the Most High!

                           Matthew 24:22
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