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Lisia C Walsh Nov 12
Light woven silk thread
Buried the chakra with the silk of the city of light
Through a hundred years, thousands of years
Meet the deepest initial
I saw a smile, in a quiet cloud lightly rise
Between silence and nothing
Happiness ascend
Rest on the eternal road
Lisia C Walsh Nov 12
I am waiting for my heart to be quiet
I am thinking about perturbation is Zen, Zen is perturbation
I heard the rain
I heard the wind
This morning the sun stays on the hill to the west
I found the linden tree
I found the dust
And I can't find Zen
And the shadow of Zen
The wind of October passes through the paintings of dawn
Landing in the mountains, hills, riverbanks
Red roof, white smoke, blue sky
They are in love, ecstatic
The appearance of Autumn landscape
Numerous half-squinting brides with joyful and horrified eyes
Shaking the wings of love god
Intoxicated mood
Naughty contempt
Put the rouge of the boudoir on the eyes of the gods
Dye the space of heaven with the red candle of life
Looking forward to a romantic touch
Drunk on the ***** before hibernation
The wind commands the melody of the cymbal
Young orange
Lemon yellow
Sunset red
Grape purple
Instantly drying the life
Moonlight silver and snowy white chords
Attached to the temperament of the angel
Flourishing and boundless loneliness
Reply with a unique sonar
Reincarnation of the four seasons
Again with the frequency of rebound
a rain cloud that unexpectedly spills
Unreserved statement
The unity of life
At this time, the speed of the car
Into the soul of the deep lane
Migratory birds scream, touching the pulsation of depth of field
Once disappeared, the direction of the river
appearing again
Calm flow
Lisia C Walsh Oct 30
That moving has been for a long time.
Like a Buddha
like sand
As if I saw it
Seems to be touching
So moved
Again and again...
The spin of words is silent, stop and go
That silent heartbeat
The footsteps stop each time
The smile that suddenly fell to the heart
The still intoxication
The question of the rock of the soul
The finger that makes the heartstring
The jade bead that was slammed and filled with hearts
Heart fire, can’t hold back anymore
If the seed can’t make Buddha
If it is not ashes, it will be buried again.
Someone asked the Buddha: [What happened there? 】
Buddha: [The flame has disappeared. 】
The other party asked again: [And then? 】
Buddha: [When the flames also disappear, you won’t ask where it is going. Where is it now? It disappeared, that’s it. 】
Lisia C Walsh Oct 30
An arrow is a traveler
The wind is a visitor
Life is a long scroll painting
You and I are poems
When the golden leaves of autumn fall into the water
I saw a new life coming.
When the squally shower falls to the heart
I saw life dying
Spring is a preparation for the gods
Thousand arrows shot
The song of the angels rang through the wilderness
To the depths of the sunset
The road to Rome is not far away
a team of carriages
Take turns
Catch a dark day
When winter comes
You are still on the road
And the person who drives is you.
Qingming Shanghe Tu Scroll
Dvořák’s New World Movement
The Potala Palace
Are road signs
Life is like a cradle
Feast of wine
Only after you have drunk
Know the direction
Lisia C Walsh Oct 30
That summer
When you and I turn around
Many truths are sublimated
I came to the river of Youghiogheny
Accompanied by lost meteors and heron footprints
Half a century
a long dream
Your warm back such as a long song
As rain’s song paved the long alley
Your back is like a pair hand in the dark
Entrust me to the night dew
Breathing in the dark night
I put you on the Bible homepage
Daily in the window of the mind
Admonish the spirit with morality
what is love?
Is it an epic that remains of history and civilization?
Is a spiritual gemstone selected after animal and plant provenance?
I firmly believe in your back
Is a treasure of aesthetics and soul
Since you went to the hometown of the cloud
You have come gently
Come to the lover you have never loved
Hey, I am going to travel (We can’t find each other,
Therefore, your soul came)
I am sitting on the front bump of your bicycle.
Traveling with you in the past
Forgot the day and the night
You made me know another level of love.
a kind of love that my ordinary cognition has never experienced
If life and death must be lonely
Please hide your deep affection in the bottom of the ore.
After the growth of several generations
Back to roots
Lisia C Walsh Oct 19
Wind devastates lake as youth
The underwater story of the lake is deeper.
The stars escaped from the lake like
Rebellious memory
In childhood, except for the clear image of mother and younger brother, the whole story is strange.
41 years old, a whim, went to Kenting, chose to live in Caesar Park Hotel, met Tom who was waiting there.
In 2010, Tom was sent to work in Germany for three years. Before leaving, I made a few dreams of coherence.
That time, Tom was the father. My mother of this life is Toms wife; My mother in that life.

Dream 1.
He, wearing a German military uniform, will go to the battlefield
His back disappeared down the long lane on a summer afternoon
never to came back
She is sitting alone in the hut

Dream 2.
The clear bottom of the river reflects a swinging house
The man in the house sits on a cloud
Long-awaited, that wife he just kissed

Dream 3.
Little girl with bare feet
Across the river, mother who is on the opposite side
See mother walking straight towards her.
See mother jump straight into the river

Dream 4.
Full moon night, shines on a red brick wall
Mothers back is mottled,
She goes further and further                    
Dream 5.

The girl grew up in the monastery,
Living in a monastery with countless orphans
The girl is dumb and has not spoken again.
After waiting for this century, my father became husband.
Waiting for this century, Tom traveled from North America to Kenting to meet me.
Waiting for this century, North America migrated to Europe,
Staying on the banks of the Neckar River, the cabin is still there, inconvenient to ask....................
If three years of German life, just to round a regret, then the five dreams are the root of my current life.
This world, at this point, I just want to cover the script,
no regrets.
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