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Awish Apr 2014
Her eyes were puffy.

Her nose was red.

Her face was blotchy.

Her lips were dry,
Because all the moisture was stolen from them,
And given to her eyes.

However her eyes rejected the moisture.
They sent it rolling down her cheeks.
But her cheeks couldn't hold on.
So the moisture fell to the ground.
Awish Apr 2014
I love my little babies,
How they grow more each day,
How they stretch out their arms,
And make room for more little buds.
Then they blossom into beautiful beings.
Oh how they bring smiles and love to the world.
I love my little grown up babies.
Awish Apr 2014
I love you,
But you won't speak my name.

I miss you,
But you don't feel the same.

I want you,
But you are angry in flame.

I need you,
But you think this is a game.

I forgive you,
But you think I'm to blame.
Awish Apr 2014
I don't like to tell people when I'm hurt...
So I don't.
Awish Apr 2014
I've kept my feelings bottled up inside,
For so long I can't remember.

All my emotions and secrets and lies
Hidden right behind my eyes.

And of course I'll continue to do so
Until one day...I will explode.

And when I do you'll know everything.
You'll be standing there in front of me.

You'll laugh and gasp,
You might even cry.

And then you'll ask why.
Why have you kept this bottled up inside?

And then I'll say that I had to protect you.
I had to protect you from the feelings that you would have after learning what I've kept.

Because I don't want you to have to keep them bottled up inside.
Awish Apr 2014
I don't care what they think about me.
I don't care what they say about me.
I don't care what they do about me.
All that matters is what I think about me.
Awish Apr 2014
The grass is green.
The trees are brown.
The sun is yellow.
The clouds are white.
The sky is blue.
But are all these colors the same to me as they are to you?
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