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Ann May 2021
Watch me wax philosophical
Ann May 2021
Time for another shot.
Ann May 2021
At night
I think
Some one
Will walk
Through my door

I think
I would
Welcome them
With open arms
Ann May 2021
The sun is getting low
So we should head on home.

But, just one more hug before we go?
Ann Apr 2021
If you ask, they will tell us that she chose to be embraced by angels.

i hope thats true.
Ann Apr 2021
I am constantly asking-

have I done right?

By her? By me?

By us?

Holding this whole is impossible .

Blinded by mania she screams, and I am forced to wait.

These itchy hands are begging to mend and grasp at the ashes settling on my shoulders.

steady now.

tether yourself and yield.

The ocean is vast and I am Sinking.
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