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If the time is not right and I die – just be brave,

Read this to ease the brokenness inside, Love!

Let the tears run from thy eyes down to the ground of my grave.

I’ll accept it as condolence for my body underneath - for my spirit above.

My vitriolic tone shall not surprise thee.

I wrote this to whoever has cared.

Grief can be expressed, but not forever – I am now free.

Thereby in hearts - will leave scars and on time - will leave fear, instead.

If time concurs, I now have to die to wake up my legacy.

This is the inevitable sorrow that we can’t run into, but face.

No one can heal, but at least try to find some remedy.

Send love, above is farewell, and in the earth is your warmest embrace.

The life of ours won’t end in death,

It is in living without love and leaving without legacy at our last breath.

- Aubergine Cher Bautista
With these broken feet, I'll stand.
I'll wake my soul to life without gettin' fear of my dungeon inside.
I'll let go of my fear where the grievous suffering is in store.
& I'll let the world of truth be the one to deplore and abhor.

                                                         ­                - Aubergine Cher Bautista
December 2, 2020 (7:07 PM) Phil. time
In my arduous heart - dwells my fear.
Weighing egal rights, before the spring.
These ices from winter colds,
Heat up by the sun that never gets old.
I’m the sun on the day of summer
You’re the ice in the winter.
You said, “I don’t need a piece of your shine”.
You’re getting colder and for you it’s fine.
How can I let you be?
-If you stop at the count of three.
I think I should go now…
‘Cause I can’t take this anyhow.

- Aubergine Cher Bautista
As this world runs in cruelty and in greed,
Our eyes see the world perfect-blindly.
Those who have power stay unfair and unjust, indeed -
The stated laws were implemented tightly.

Power over humanity exists in today’s world.
We as powerless have no right to scrutinize, but to concur.
Their pledges remain twirled -
The hurdle stays in abundance with no cure.

It is in us where the grievous suffering is in store;
And we have none to succor them all.
The hunger and incurable malady strike humankind in any form.
It led to increased mortality, decreased economy, but who to call?

Whoever has power, our safety cannot be guaranteed –
They are the ones that makes our life at risk.
They stand as an impediment for our nation not to succeed.
Their fall is soon our victory – this is not in the pace-brisk.

It’s been a year, still no sign of good deed.
Half of the world is asleep –
Some shock for awakening their soul is what they need.
We have lost enough; at least we have ourselves to keep.

The string of our patience reached its limitation.
Rich people hoard too much and now most of us left deprived.
Who’ll lift marginalized Filipinos in our nation? –
Who'll give us fair allocation that is incumbent for us to survive?

Tedious journey might it seem.
Our souls’ little voices are still unheard.
What life this could be without our soaring dream? –
We shall move our mountains even gratification is deferred.

Now, the time is ours to stand as one with clenched hands,
It’s time for us to deplore and abhor their thoughts.
It’s time to listen in our souls' little voices to be heard at once.
And it’s time for us to break the darkness by our flaming oath.

- Aubergine Cher Bautista
How can I able to start this line?
Words are lapsing, not my heart.
Just give me time to think about rhyme.
And I will do mind its rhyme scheme just for this part.
Its sequel dwells within our past.
Like their love when they first introduced the world to us.
How gratitude can be seen?
Not through giving medal as the best mother on earth.
But through giving respect that's what they need.
Recognize their feelings at the same time, their worth.
Reminiscing yesterday will bring strength tomorrow.
Like the sunset will have to set its beautiful hue without tears and sorrow.
And at their sunset, we'll see their lips twist into a sardonic smile.
Their eyes will twinkle with mirth, without thinking about their time.

-Aubergine Cher Bautista

— The End —