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Array Dec 2020
The room smells like iron
With blots of dark and gray spots on the wall
I guess, it's a wonderful blessing
That I can't see red after all
Array Dec 2020
Smoke rises softly
The map scattering ashes
Lost yet still not found
Footsteps will not cease until the destination
Array Dec 2020
So now I'm in prison for being a poison
When the reason I've expired in the first place
Is because you have forgotten my existence
Too late...
Array Dec 2020
The rain reminds me how even the sky gets hurt and cries
When each person's heart fills with grief and then bleeds
Followed by the wind which desperately pushes everything away
And thunder's wrath against the world who doesn't even do anything

That coldness that steals the warmth of your soul
Seething deeply like wounds hidden from perception
Waking the memories that should've been stored and kept
Realizing that they were not even forgotten

The clouds block the only source of light
Painting a gloomy atmosphere in the landscape
And even such sadness also dies after a while
Makes me wonder whether anything indeed stays
You know that feeling where you get depressed or sad all of a sudden?
Array Apr 2020
Who is she?
A goddess, the source of light
Everyone's hero

Who is she?
An angel, the keeper of kindness
Everyone's friend

Who is she?
A princess, the object of adoration
Everyone's idol

Who are you?
A reflection that doesn't exist
Behind a mirror

Who am I?
You'll never know unless
You **** her
Let's see what kind of you they are seeing...
Array Apr 2020
I couldn't forget the first time I went outside at night
I was amazed by the countless twinkling stars at the sky
I didn't know there exists such a marvelous sight
I wish every night is as beautiful as the scene before my eyes

At that time, the moon wasn't spared even one glance
It was completely outclassed, outshined by the stars
Maybe it was their twinkle, or perhaps their number, I don't know
I was just totally enraptured that even the moon was brushed off

However, because of that, I have forgotten its importance
That even millions of stars combined pale in comparison to its radiance
That however many they can be
They can never replace this heavenly body

Yet, despite this, I got too used to my moon being here
That I have always neglect her for all the stars that appear
I cried for every one less star in the sky
Until I'm with a night, devoid of light

Somehow, the overwhelming sadness I felt blocked my sight
That I ignored the moon who was still at my side
I literally became blind because of loneliness
There was no light, there was only darkness

And then something happened
The moon seemed to be weaker, even dimming
The once dazzling light started fading
That one would think, its life is ending

That sight brought me back to reality
The flickering light is all I can see
I remembered the darkest nights of my life
I realized that she was always there at my side

At that time, I thought I was lonely
I was actually never alone! It dawned on me
She stayed, always there, forever shining
Despite not being acknowledged, she's still smiling

I never thought that I would be mourning like this
When a thousand stars light the night sky
Everyone admired the spectacular sight
Yes, everyone but me

How ironic I'm being right now
When I wished for this to happen countless times
No one even noticed the moon's absence
Yeah, no one but me

So this is how dark the night would be without the moon
I thought
No, scratch that, actually, this is how lonely I would be if I lost my moon
I realized

So tonight's a new moon huh
It wouldn't hurt to wish again right?
At this moment, I saw a shooting star
I wish the moon would shine bright again

Once again, I looked at the night sky
There I saw a very bright full moon with one tiny star at the side
I smiled at the sight
My wish came true! What a wonderful night

Then, I shifted my sight at my moon, still slightly pale, who's smiling at me
I hugged my moon and vowed to her, "Mom, I will never let the stars outshine you again"
Somehow, at that time, her smile seemed brighter for a reason
Even brighter than the brightest star in the darkest night
Let's appreciate every moon out there :>
Array Apr 2020
I'd like you
To think of me
Before you sleep
Every night

Not as someone
Who you burden
By being weak
By being human

For I'm glad
To be a person
With no barrier
Between us

Because that means
We are grateful
To exist in
Each other's lives
Something I wanna say to everyone who's precious to me ♡

— The End —