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Anonymous Jan 24
how do I tell
all those people crying on their beds
all those people crying to sad songs
all those people crying with thoughts
all those people crying by themselves

that I have been there

they say it gets better
it'll be okay soon

and now I'm in bed
and im not crying
because it did get okay

how do I make the people understand
it will get okay.
Anonymous Dec 2018
Growing up
I never understood why she did it
Those perfect cuts
Thighs and arms
Why put yourself through pain

Growed up
I understood why she did it
Those perfect cuts
On her thighs and arms
The pain they made her feel

It made her feel alive
And I understood.
Anonymous Nov 2018
3 words.
i waited so long
to see those words on your lips
how every single one slipped of your tongue
my heads telling me to go one way
but my hearts pushing the other

3 words.
all I ever wanted to here
to you it's just another sentence
in a field of sentences

3 words
yet to me
they're like raindrops
in the middle of the desert.
Anonymous Oct 2018
I'm losing sleep
I'm losing my will
I'm losing my mind

And the sweat runs down
And the tears run cold
And the years go by
And all you ever hear is

This will look good on applications
This will help you in the future

But what about now?
What about today?
Anonymous Aug 2018
And we can fly
To the very end
No looking back
And we can just fly
The wind in our wings

Or we can stay
Or live in this moment
We can savour every piece
We can be now
We can be today

Either way
It'll be okay.
Anonymous Aug 2018
If I was falling down a cliff
And had to hold onto a hand
And had a selection
Of everyone I've known
I would hold onto my own

Because in the end
Who else can you trust
Expect yourself
Anonymous Aug 2018
Society is full of hate
Makeup is everyday life
Girls who hide aren't seen
Boys who hurt can't show
Even when we try our best
Somehow everyone's still depressed

And we wonder why these people hide
Between doors and little white lies
We wonder why everyone's so sad
When they treat us so bad.

When we show how we really are
Nobody cares enough anymore
So now we don't
And we're just a society of closed doors.
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