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Parisa Oct 19
her eyes was magic
it was a brown maple leave.
fallen down ,
down, to the dark forest.
which cursed
there she was,
with a cold heart through the forest ...
Parisa May 10
Why is it that...

At first you were there smile at me
I feel the pain  
an Pleasant pain...
there at my chest.
But You are gone ...
Why  is it that ...
when our story ends
I begine to love you more
To feel all of it again.
Parisa Mar 2
When i remember your love ,
I weep,and when i hear people talking of you,
Something in my chest where there is nothing much happiness grave ,
Now move on as you moved in sleep.

Parisa Sep 2019
They say ...
They say i must forget you..
But they dont know...
About this love
This hands
This smile
This perfume
They dont know us well ..
But i know something ..
No matter what ,
  the time shall pass
i still love you more ...
Parisa Sep 2019

Run boy ...
Run girl...
Run by the train
Run over the rain
Run trough your pain
Run for rise..
Run for freedom
If you ever think to stop..
Just think about life ..
Run ... run and run ...
Till the breath gone ..
Parisa Sep 2019
Truth is your smile
Your smile drown me for awhile
But when i look trough your lies
Your face tell me another goodbye


— The End —