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Andje Aug 22
Suffixation, food for the eyes
21st century and we still need to hide
“The more, the better” at least once you said
Then why should we worry ‘bout screaming our pride?
Don’t feign our shame, don’t cover your face
We didn’t debate your partiality taste
We’re gasping for air, but trust me we’re fine
Keep mentioning death and we’ll always be fine
Sahara teaches we’re sons of our Time
Living the fullest will keep us alive
Andje Aug 6
You’ll never feel alone with me
Take both my hands
I’ll show you the beauty beneath the dust
No I’m not crying
I’m just tired
I never needed anything, but  
your voice is so heavy and tastes like iron
My eyes shed colors and my hands lose grip
That’s what I feel when you look towards me
Andje - Delta on
Andje Jul 25
Onikusu guy shift here your light
for all the waves that none can tame
I’m here alone, don’t need your care

Onikusu eyes come back no more
‘Cause you just shift from here to there
You change your mind, you switch the shade

I’m here alone, don’t need your care
Andje May 5
I heard you’re the first in line
I heard you could stretch your mind
And never get tired
Oh your pride what a pride
All your skills and your speed
But where are you
Where are you tonight
Andje Apr 3
Hush, don’t say a word.
Patches cannot hide
taking care of the ground,
where somebody sleeps,
Oh it’s easier, it’s easier you know,
don’t count on your shoulders,
Demise of foresight.

Such a delight to look at each other,
such a pleasure to see your real eyes.
Hush, put in motion your legs
to your baby claiming for her lullaby.
Andje Mar 3
Christ has come for us all
The lights, the knives of his pride
Smoothed both of his majesty’s eyes
Oh mighty child, float on our strains

Christ is chained for us all
The lines, so familiar and wide
Cleaned both of his majesty’s eyes
Oh mighty child, breath for our brains
Andje Dec 2019
Things happen
Things happen in breach
The breach of a line
pathway on your cheeks
The same story in a circle
A circle of winds
Same brushes same dye

Venus of soils and horizons
The warmth of the wool
and the knives on her gates
Warm ray goes back to the sun
Warm ray for dead nights
Same brushes same dye
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