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Stacey L Mar 2014
you are forever the memories in my heart
you are forever the great(x) grandchildren
you are forever the elements of the earth
you are forever the stardust in the universe
you are forever
This was written after my love had a breakdown- thanataphobia. I'd also like to say as a side note- never hide your fears. never suppress or repress emotion. Being emotional is part of being human, no matter who you are.
Stacey L Sep 2013
The delicate moments between us are what make our love
read between the lines
It's subtle but screams in our hearts and is heard
With just three words
Which could never sum up to the equivalent of what we'd do for eachother.
We try to say "I love you"
But we feel it all in our gazes, held for a fragment in time that is frozen when our words are
Stacey L Jun 2013
What is money,
when we die?

What was the point of money
when our soul moves on?

Why are items loved,
and people objectified?

In true thought
an object can be priced
but a life can not.

Why are we focused
on the materialism?
The brainwash of the man
in the suit is what has made us.

But a body is a body
and a soul...
is a soul.
What is a body without a soul?
When the beauty lies within?
Stacey L Jun 2013
Il me manque;
Le soleil qui sourit
Le vent qui balaie
L'atmosphère qui allumait
C'est une utopie.

Je me demande,
Si le paradis était vrai.
Est-ce que je peux reviens?
Une jour, j'irai
la bas à paradis.

I miss
The sun that smiles
The wind that sweeps
The atmoshphere that lit up
It's a utopia

I wonder
If the paradise was real
Can I go back?
One day, I will
back to paradise.
Stacey L May 2013
White translucent ribbons
Floating in front of my eyes
And all that lies

Transports me to another world
An illusion of a better one, I believe.
And, I'm afraid I'd rather not leave.

You're a captivator,
a dancer
And a romancer

Sometimes I'm afraid your enchantment
will drive me to an unhealthy mentality
full of unforgotten fallacy.

But already
you have me on strings
dancing like I've got wings

Your language
speaks to me in a melody
one of serenity.

Sink into my mind,
drag into your black hole,
sink into my soul.
Stacey L Mar 2013
I'm in love with the rain;
or more so the sound of it
when it hits against the window and the rooftop, and when a car passes by.

I'm in love with the pavement;
the heat it absorbs
on a sunshine filled day, when I can sit down and enjoy it.

I'm in love with the smell of the grass;
in the faint breeze-
a cooling sensation after all the humidity.

I'm in love with the liveliness;
the life that surrounds,
from the kids on the playground to the adults kicking the ball around.

I'm in love with the little things;
the ones I'll always remember
because they bring back memories-
of us.
Stacey L Aug 2012
What is one to do?

When hope is lost,

in those among us,

and in ourselves...

When love just isnt enough,

and no kind words are of help..

What is one to do?

When we're living

but events go by

to question who we are,

and who we were before...

Do we just let go,

or do we stay shadowed

behind restrictions and keepers...

Or is it simply the hostile state of confusion...

that will do us justice by itself?
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