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Wordsmith Apr 2021
They call to me,
The waves,
As they beat on the shoreline.
Heavy and relentless,
Much like the beating of my heart.

Are they angry?
Have they felt desperation for the shore as they crossed an endless sea?
Do they long for the open waters as they climb back into the ocean?
Are these waves as uncertain of their place as I?

I understand the longing to feel the sand and chase the shore.
To struggle against all that presses and weighs down the soul.
I know the desire to break free,
If even for a moment,
And slam into the shore.
Heaving the immense weight of the world over my shoulders,
And dragging it beaten into the light.
Wordsmith Mar 2021
Tiny petals.
Beautiful blooms.
Sing to me of your journey through the earth.
How your roots fought the soil,
Allowing you to raise yourself higher.
Reaching for the sky,
Face full of hope and beauty.
Reminding me, I am able.
Wordsmith Mar 2021
Tiny bumble,
Buzzing busily.
Duty bound.
I envy your work.
To replenish the beauty in this world is a heavy task.
You make it seem so delightful.
Wordsmith Mar 2021
There's blood on my hands.
Dripping like tears from the tips of my fingers,
Crying out to the ground for redemption.
Great Mother listen to its call.
Fill the world with cries so deafening that they can only be carried on the wind.
Let it seep into the ground I walk,
To mark each step as the next to my last.
Keep a record of my sins.
For I am no more than the dust blown away by the crying wind.
Scattered and spread thin.
Cursed by the blood I spilled.
Wordsmith Mar 2021
The sunshine falls across the floor.
I reach my toes for the warmth.
Believe myself a cat, stretching.
Grateful for the sun in my face.
Wordsmith Mar 2021
A smile breaks across her face
And I am found.
Between her lips, in the crease of her smile.
I hide.
Tucked safely away from the world, lost in only her.

She is my tiny twin.
My shadow.
The physical embodiment of a portion of my heart I was afraid to access,
Afraid to explore.
Now, trailing me daily to remind me,
I have to be more.
For her.

She laughs at the sun as it peaks through the windows,
Dancing across the floor.
Making shadow puppets and dancing with her silhouette
She finds joy and beauty everywhere.
Her soul is unblemished and happy.

She is my muse.
The reason I wake and face a day I know will bring more trouble than I feel i can handle.
The reason my pen scratches briskly across the page,
Pouring out the memories and desires I am afraid to voice anywhere else.

When I die, lay me nearest to the sun as it peaks over a hill.
So she may come visit me and dance with her silhouette,
I will be dancing with her, across the floor.
Wordsmith Mar 2021
In the midnight air, she dances radiantly.
Full and pregnant with possibility, 
My silver goddess sings to me.
Songs of love and hopefulness.
Melodious sonnets, sung to only me.
Veiled by shades of pinks and orange,
Even her glow betrays her affection for me.
I am hypnotized,
Enchanted and amazed by this bare breasted beauty.
She toys with me, knowing my feelings for her.
I allow this from her.
For tomorrow she will be gone,
Hidden too far away, so my eyes will not find her.
And so we dance, we two.
For tonight is all we have.
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