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Alyssa Oct 2020
tender flesh
rippled synapses connect
through ligaments and thoughts
the heart contracts
love coagulates
on the wrist a scarlet line
pools the loneliness at night
dampening the mystery of suicide

the neighbour can taste the rot
puppy whining in the hall
shadows grow thicker than blood
the moon witnessed it all
Alyssa Sep 2020
Ares of bloodied sands
Mars of iron oxide
light and soft, rovers traverse
the cold desserts of death
enveloped in dust storms and devils
mountainous spawn desolated
of eruptions and asteroid wars
mesozoic realm suspended
in space abandoned glistens
through the endless wonder of night
Alyssa Sep 2020
my father asked no pension for his verses
and left no sounds in the house
it wasn't him but the music that died

I asked my mother for his guitar
she gave me a handful of ash
Alyssa Aug 2020
I became a bride at twelve
wearing my mother's jewels
in haste, in heat, by mistake
at the fair with a ticket
you said to keep the secret

at fifteen I am a widow
in my bed your headless body
freezing cold at noon
time now moves in shudders
my father looks like you
Alyssa Aug 2020
of name untold and pain unsure
in the penultimate hours of the day
a shadow, a murmur, an imprint in the bed
the smallest child next door is dead

I'm choking on my own air
but there is music in the room
sweet mechanical staccato
to the rythm of machines

death waits on the visitors' chair
Alyssa Jun 2020
all love has been spent
as currency of their intent
and instead a debt of unadulterated rage
like that of Romeo and Juliet

mom is misery, dad is bliss
the kids a thought in the midst
of truly beautiful things
to make them forget their sins

parents divorce twice befell
once in heaven, once in hell
ears ringing with wedding bells
the family trauma unveils
Alyssa May 2020
mad and moonly
under me so new
sprouting in love
the seed of lust

half curled fronds
brushing the sand
where desire is set
and in my breath spent

warm summer winds
the night have wet
with the spray of seas
soaked in regret
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