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Aly Jan 2018
Is it the enemy,
or our ally?

It gives us so much,
but then takes it all away at the end.
Just thoughts
Aly Dec 2017
I have given up on trying
To make myself perfect.
To make myself someone I'm not.
It takes too much strength,
And I am so weak.

Do you remember the days
When no one cared?
We were so young then.
So innocent.

We believed that we could have anything.
What I would give to feel free again.

But now we have sins drawn on our backs,
And words of failure written on our scarred hands,
And our memories tattooed in our souls,
Reminding us of our limits.
Aly Dec 2017
With every word I sing,
I think of you.
Do you know what you mean to me?

All the things I would do for you,
You wouldn't believe it,
And maybe I would do too much.

I haven't known you for long.
But I know that there is something about you
That understands me,
and you may not realize how rare that is.

Just don't go away.
I need you here.
With me.
Aly Dec 2017
I have seen your smile hundreds of times,
Somehow I always know how to make you laugh.
You have seen my smile also,
But have you seen the real me?

The one whose eyes are sunken in her head
her brain is foggy,
and her skin is old and brittle.

The one that is in a hole that she has climbed many times,
Only to slip back in again.

You think you know her,
but you don't.
And you probably never will.

But if you do get to know her,
be gentle.
her heart is fragile,
and she cannot think straight.

If you get to know her,
Hold on tight,
So you she doesn't slip away.
Aly Dec 2017
Dear Me of the Past,
Life is going to be rough.
You are going to go through things that may not seem possible now,
But stay strong.
Find people that know you and love you for who you are.
Stay true to you,
And find your passions.
Love yourself,
And even in the darkest times,
Don't give up.
Because the good times
Are what make life
Worth living.
Aly Dec 2017
Everytime I see you,
A spark flies.
And as much as I try to dampen my emotions,
They always get out of hand.

I know how this works.
Who hasn't been through it?

I know that you will hurt me,
without even knowing it,
and that I will shatter under the truth.

I know that I will have bruises over my heart,
and desire in my veins.

But soon I will realize that there is someone better,
And I will soar,
Only to get shot down again.
Aly Dec 2017
I am happy
you turn it into something bad.
As if I am the reason,
for the crimes you have caused.

Have you ever thought
that you could actually trust me to do the right thing?

Well, you should try it sometime.
Maybe I’m not as bad
As I seem.
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