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AlluringEnigma Sep 2015
Some days I feel like Am flying
  Some days I want you back
you are at the colour to my world,
you are my future
AlluringEnigma Sep 2015
My first sight was
you are so beautiful
                 You'r eyes was like
shining upon me
you was staring at me
I was fallen in
        Love with you
some days ago i saw you I was ..........
AlluringEnigma Sep 2015
I just feel so tired all the time,

If someone refused to chase you,
another trouble on your mind,
came just like a setting sun
just darkness and loneliness
& feel so dishearted all the time
when someone refused to talk...!
AlluringEnigma Sep 2015
(1st phrase)
A best friend is what...,
you can tell something,
laugh, cry, or joy!

(2nd phrase)
Dont describe yourself because
your friends dont want it &
your enemies wont believe it

(3rd phrase)
Love to all as
they never did to you
these are some i just thought about and i hope many of u wil like this (plzzz)
AlluringEnigma Sep 2015
Dont feel me of low class
we are one at all
AlluringEnigma Sep 2015
I get wings to fly,
I feel that i am Alive,
when you call on me
when i hear you breath,
I get wings to fly...,
I feel that I am, Alive
when you look at me
I can touch the sky,
when you blessed the day
I just drift away
ALL my worries die
I was glad to see that I am Alive
You set my heart on fire
filled me with love
made me a woman,
on clouds above....
GOD knows that I am Alive............!
dont want to die for someone cuz my life is very a special one
I love my life cuz for someone
AlluringEnigma Sep 2015
There's only one thing*
2 do..
3 words
4 you
I love you
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