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Alice Oct 2019
A cactus grew in a pretty garden of roses;
No one knows how she ended up there.
Maybe the wind brought her there from the desert of Moses;
Or perhaps she was planted there by the warm summer rain with care.

The cactus had not a friend or a foe;
All the pretty roses around her did grow;
They looked at her with utter disdain;
Away from her, they had to remain.

Year after year the rose bushes grew;
Their pretty blossoms and oh the crowds they drew.
No one looked at the corner where the old cactus grew;
There, only the dirt from their dusty boots flew.

Fed up with her fate the cactus asked the roses:
You have thorns, and so do I,
Then why are we treated so differently by the passers-by?
It's not the thorns that the people look for; it's our bright red blossoms that the people adore.
That moment the cactus knew her worth,
In the eyes of the world, she was nothing if a blossom she couldn't birth.
Alice Sep 2019
Walls have crumbled around me while I slumbered ;
And now I am too weak to push them apart ;
So I wait in anxious desperation while those pieces get sort...
Alice Sep 2019
I don’t know what is worse...
Not having anything or
Losing everything you have

In the valley between desire and grief
Where dreams come to die
Alice Sep 2019
Tears and raindrops mix together
Weeping for the dreams that have gone forever,
For all my dreams have flown away like a cloud.
And all that remains of them are the raindrops on the ground.

Often I wonder what went wrong,
I tried to protect you I tried to be strong,
But you left me still oh dream,
Like a puff of smoke like a slithering stream.

I wait for you...come back to me
You were the only thing I every wanted to be....
Alice Aug 2019
Should I merge in or should I be the bright yellow dot?
The world tells me to give in
'You are nobody special' just cave in
Be a grey or a light blue
Merge in the background like you are supposed to do

But the little voices inside me
Why won't they just let me be?
You weren't born to be in the background
You were meant to sparkle; you weren't meant to be bound.

What's right and what's wrong?
They both make sense, they both are strong
I battle these two every day
Neither will give in, neither will walk away
But their struggle is killing me now
I need to decide...decide somehow
To be or to be not
Should I merge in or should I be the bright yellow dot?

— The End —