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That is what you have.
so that is all you will get.
What binds me to the sacred land,
Blessed the cordial chains brought upon me,
The burden of one, to hand over such dignity,
Blessed those who look down in such amiableness,
Oh please! Hand me the certificate of my soul, as if it was never mine.
Let me drink from the fountains of life and death,
For I have been indulged.
If it may be my fate
Rest assured,
This world will not be dissatisfied.
Dissatisfied? What nonsense!
This world may not take pleasure to indulge in me,
But it is I,
Who shall be indulged by the madness of my own mind.
Changing as the sea above,
For those who yearn of evergreen abstraction.
Changing as the many faces of the moon,
Bring forth the precipitous impunity.
Changing as trepidation,
Unchanging is every dirge on every face,
Which can become vivacity, or can become a discordant of harmony.

— The End —