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Emylie G Apr 2014
He kissed
her words of desire
off her lips
before they had
a chance
to escape
into thin air
Each breath
upon moments
of madness,
sunsets and shadows
stretching into night.
A blue flame
burns slowly.
a writer writes
in hues
of words,
what a painter paints
with a brush,
a musician
with notes,
and a dancer
with their movements.
In a hidden grove
my dreams lay sleeping,
craving moments of blue.
I walk with the rain
and cray with it.
I rise with the sun
and set with it.
How strange
the language
of the sea,
every time it arrives
it leaves.
Curse this echo
that stumbles
through time,
I choose
this night to
against a shimmering sky
a blue moon weeps
Emylie G Apr 2013
Sweet little baby all safe and sound
Soon will the whispers start to surround.

Calm little children, huddled in a bunch
Will begin to hear a crunch, crunch, crunch.

Lovestruck teenagers, caressing with soft hands
Never meeting up to the devilish demands.

One lonely soldier, striking with great force
Never thinking twice, never feeling remorce.

Two vibrant lovers, on their wedding day
One a penny, two a penny, slay, slay, slay.

One child, two child, three child, four
Crazy happens often when evil is at your door.

Kindergarten, highschool, college all the same
Once their kids are old enough they'll be out of their way.

Grandkids, grandkids, running through the door
Courage starts amoung the weak, young hearts take hold the sword.

Now a quiet graying man, sitting all alone
Saddness seeping through his eyes, his face still hard as bone.

Wife has recently passed, the funeral is today
Death has been a longing part, a dreadful part we ALL must play.

Evil was lurking, through all of their past
But never did he give up hope, the only thing that lasts.

"Keep your head up, darling." Words hed always say.
She would giggle but still turn to look away.

Tears would flash through her eyes, he forever knew the truth
Years were in fact gaining up on her, she was losing hold of her youth.

He knew her time was coming, he knew the hurt and pain
She was slowly dieing, going full insane.
Emylie G Apr 2013
Who am I to question your story? Who are you to ask about mine? I don't want your future. I don't need your past. Your stories to be continued. This paragraph is not the last. Flick your wrist. Move your pen. Write of love, lost, and sin. Sinners are all. We always end the same. Jesus is our only savior, from the endless internal pain. Wish apon the stars, tell me when they fall. Twickle, twickle, little speck. All for one and one for all. Stand together, make them crawl. PICK a rose from a bush. WATCH the thorns and PULL the weeds. SMELL the essence, LISTEN... to me. Take a step back. Think about yourself. Memories flashing by yet? Good, now - Let. Go.... Start with a new clean slate. Dont play with your conscience, that'll have to wait. Surrender your wings. Better yet, take flight. The world is waiting, so prove yourself right. All alone, its always freezing. Lost, with no believing. Its not much of a life that you're living. Its not what you take thats killing. Yes Im the broken one but you're the one in need of saving. Something deep inside of you is calling out and craving. Craving to be.. Set. Free. The diamonds in the sky are all that make you sane. Watch the darkness pass. Don't run from the rain. Its polite not to ask about ones life. So I didnt. Instead I sat and told you what you thought you had hidden. Fear? Shame? No. The AMBITION to hide the pain. But use your pencil, flick your brush. Create your emotions on paper, there really is no rush. Find yourself. Craft who YOU want to be. Flash a smile. For EVERYONE too see. Now.. with that be said, I hope you do. So when I come back Ill see your work and see the REAL you.
Emylie G Apr 2013
Through my eyes you'll see pain, physical and mental, marching through my body still looking for a target. Aim and fire. Shot of no desire. Reload, recharge. Pull the trigger, and BAM goes the last beat of my breaking heart.
"We are the ghosts who see all things. We are the ones who creep into your dreams."
I am the girl with the aching soul. The one thats screams for help to take toll.
I can almost taste the blood that remains on my swollen tounge. The tounge that flicks irractionally, perceiving words not of mine but of its own.
I hold, between clamped hands, the life that once COULD BE that now CAN NOT. The story of what SHOULD BE now FORGOT.
Emylie G Mar 2013
As the wind blows
And one by one the leaves fall
The people of the city change courses
Courses that arn't fit for all.

Harder, more wind.
Faster, stop change.
The story's never ending
The feeling is so.... strange.

"Come on now,
Join the club
Change is before us

People try to change
With thoughts still in the past
Don't they know better?
Change will never last.

Mother Nature blow harder!
Blow this "change" from their mind.
Quickly, blow faster
We're running out time...
Emylie G Feb 2013
Im brain washed, brain dead..
Out of my many stories..
None were ever read..

So many secrets..
All still remain unspoken..
Broken and barried..

My lies have built up..
Bodies about to explode..
Wisdom carries all..

My brain hurts, always..
My heart aches from the longing..
How long will this take..

Forever more breaks..
But you never fail to help..
Join me someway..

Your words get me through..
This pain I have bottled up..
You understand me..

Your eyes keep me sane..
They help keep evil away..
Superman, save me..
Emylie G Feb 2013
    Pushing away.

Breaking by the day.

    Runing with tears.

Hiding from my fears.

    Taking me astray.

Wishing you'd stay.

    Torn from the heart.

Can we just hit restart?
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