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Glenda Lee Jul 23
The knives in my head are stabbing me again
I felt every pain without me bleeding
Please get me out from the prison cell I'm in
My head is taking all over me again
Glenda Lee Aug 2018
Why do I feel like an empty glass waiting to be filled? And instead of being filled I ended up being broken..Today is my day but why do I feel upset, tired and hopeless? They don’t know, nobody knows what I feel every day...I smile, yes I do, but dig deeper in me you will see how sadness ruled
over me..
Glenda Lee Aug 2018
Lord tabangi ko please
Glenda Lee Aug 2018
They think I'm happy now.
but NO, I am not happy
I was never happy
I will never be happy

I needed saving
I needed someone to dig deeper into me
Save me from  the dark side
Save me from this prison cell

I was not expecting this
I was not ready for this
Help! Help me!
I'm begging you!
Glenda Lee Aug 2018
I just want to be happy
Glenda Lee Jul 2018
Maybe in death there is peace
Maybe in death there is freedom
But when will I be in peace?
When will I get freedom?
Glenda Lee Jul 2018
I tried running out of the woods
But the woods won’t let me
It keeps saying I belong in it
It keeps saying I’d be happy if I’m sad
Why?what have I brought myself into?
I should have gathered more bravery upon entering the woods
Now, I’m stuck here forever
Knowing the way out but also knowing I will never get out.
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