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Sefofane Aug 13
Once I wrote about you, do you remember?
I guess it doesn’t matter now because you no more
But I once wrote “he wasn’t there for me” but do
You understand the irony right about now.

Now you not here for eternal and I can only
Wish if I’d said, I miss you, I love yet we both
Know that’s not the truth but it’ll stay buried
Within me the answers I needed from you.

When I first saw you I wasn’t angry, I wasn’t
Sad nor exultant but I was eager to understand
The truancy but I comprehended your eagerness
To hear those words “I forgive you”.

But all I ever thought about when we first met was
I am looking into the eyes of a man I grown blaming
For his absence and I was so convince I can never be
Him but worth it trust me it wasn’t because it was
The more I secluded self from the world.

Now that you have departed I wish I’d said “I forgive
You” because I had forgiven you but the pride was
Blinding me so if you’re out there, if you can hear
Me, you are forgiven…
this one is a personal poetry i wrote today
Sefofane Apr 5
This is a letter, through me I can
Envisage the life I never had that you
Could live, they say ''this life is a test'' but
Peep this, my test isn't what I hope for you to go through.

This is a letter from me to you, for you to
Understand living in this world isn't like
Crawling or learning to walk, it's a jungle out here but only your intellectual mind will help you to use that hindrance as a tool to become victor,
By victor I mean prosperous.

This is a letter, a letter to my legacy, understand this,
We were born from mothers who couldn't deal with us and fathers who couldn't built with us,
But through my struggle i'm willing to become the man you'll forever praise to say father to,
This is a letter to my unborn child...
Sefofane Apr 5
Intoxicated by you, flawlessly I thought we could relate Yet your flaws divulged, blind you thought I were yet Vividly I saw through that perfect corny smile, kept me Contemplating were you really hurt before like you told me.

Love is blind so they say yet what if I realised your imperfections Then decided not care though to show you, you could be Loved and cared for like you were created to be yet you were not Ready to be… Were you ever telling the truth or just lied through your teeth That you made me believe in love again only to find myself drowning Again through your nobble, I turned my imperfections into noble For you girl, was I ever a fool for love? I guess you'll figure that out.

Funny how one can convince oneself of their autonomous yet they're Viciously contingent, intoxicated by you once when you pretended to Care, when you used to call me on my cellphone for no reason yet I hope you'll realise I was in this for emotions not material gain.
Sefofane Apr 5
Never confuse my persistence and resilience
For desperation, I speak my mind,
Spread my heart like nature man deplete and
Fail to conserve yet i reconstruct my self
Like an operating system yet with abhor only
Because i am human.

My addiction ain't effective yet it hurts me so,
Heard stories before 'those who hurt us are the
Ones we love the most' optimistic yet i became,
Blind yet i pretended it wasn't though a toll
It took from me trying to assemble what was
Already dismantled.

It then made sense what it's meant by 'you never
Know what you got until it's gone', yet my addiction
Thus far i fear it's not worth giving up upon because
I for one was one impurity to others...
When i thought i was finally inlove
Sefofane Apr 5
I orbited this sphere long before mankind evolved,
I was inspired by man's ingenious inventions long
before the machines were created, now I surround
this sphere,

Trying to instill positive thoughts to my comrades,
I was placed here with you by the creator of all,
I created the universal laws in which you chose
to disobey, how wicked you became living the life
of savagery.

Listen, I once extinct the existence who never obeyed
my commandments,
Although I wasn't fond of I could disintegrate this sphere
as long this unadulterate hatred and demolition of this
globe exist.

I'm no purgatory though I capture the long parted souls,
I'm the one who's responsible for resurrection or taking
your precious life, I'm the end and also the
beginning of you'll.

I capture the raptures of this and spread wisdom to the skeptics,
I feed your brains with food for thoughts you call poetry,
I mastered the four elements freedom, peace, perseverance
and love, I hope you could oneday incarnate yourself's with
those elements so you could live inhabitable once again,
Don't allow me to regret I ever allowed the creator to let you'll exist...
I wrote this a while ago, and I would like to get some feed back too,
I'm not good at titling poems yet so hence untitled thanks
Sefofane Apr 5
I flow with the wind, move with sound, feel the rhythm as
I listen to the beat, drums echo within my being as if
An outer body experience I have yet not comprehended,
I surrender my soul to thee acoustic of the universe,

I tried to unite with the materialistic world I am conceived
Upon yet it never moved me to self discovery yet another
Confused being, I was trying to understand self though pain
And hatred it is the  burden I conceived upon thee.

“They say no man can live alone” I know that’s true yet
Understand things ain't the same no more material comes
First then friendship or love, funny u got to pretend instead
Of Just being yourself, then what about your happiness.

Listen I'm not lonely I choose to be alone so I could better
Apprehend self, I don’t flow with the crowd yet where
The wind takes me, I don’t listen to the flock yet food for
Thoughts, I'd never surrender my dreams nor goals over
Negativity as long this universe offers me wisdom…
Hey i am new to the site, and i kinder wrote that today, i would really appreciate some feedbacks thanks

— The End —