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Adam Morris Aug 2021
I will be the only monster in your life from now on. All other monster don't matter as I'm here to protect you, love you and keep you happy. Let me fill your nightmares with passion. Let me own your pain and feed you pleasure. Let me burn your heart with my fire. Branding my name over the breaks before me. Fusing it back together so my love can never escape it. Let me nourish your thirst for true love, true happiness and be true to you. The world will fall to its knees in anticipation of your smile.. A smile so great it took me on my journey of wanting you needing you and loving you.
Adam Morris Nov 2019
All energies no matter how different work on the same principles. They need to be charged or fuelled to give a return. The wind turbine needs wind. The solar panel needs the sun. The battery needs electricity to charge.

Friendship is an energy that works like all others. But it takes two people to charge a friendship when one stops putting into the friendship it no longer exists all you have is one person fuelling the unlit friendship hoping it will light. This energy is wasted and eventually burns out. Then in turn the energies are matched with no input.

So next time you ignore or fade away just remember you’ve removed your energy to something that requires it. The person you ignore will continue for a while but they too will run out of energy so your friendship will be no more.
Adam Morris Mar 2019
The black tide takes my boat down stream where the tree's of secrets block out the sun.
Long winds the stream, filled with jagged rocks of lies crack my Hull at each turn. Every rock bashes over and over again with no remorse no prejudice.
My feet draw cold as the water cascades witnin the boat dampening my shoes. Shoes I once wore walking freely without worry with out pain.
I hear the tree's above my head whisper in the winds past memories, past choices, past mistakes.
A grey shadow that's cold and hollow coats my skin. I shudder to the core with thoughts of regret for ever taking the river.
For its that I make my choices that put the path in front that led to this river. Never did I see its tide was so black and fixed for its purpose of ruin. Not desperate but engineered for destruction of any man to be taken by its might.
The water rises inching up my legs slowing me down. Making it hard for me to walk around the boat as I'm thrown to the wrong side. I can't think clearly I need to find the balance taken from me. I have one thought and that's to stop the water being taken on through rips made from rocks I've been crashing into. But whilst repairing them rips new ones lay ahead ready to tear more letting more water on sinking me deeper until I surely drowned.
My determination is clouded only letting in idle thought of repetition.
A stillness happens, a memory of a smile. I hear a song in the tree's through whispering. It's distant but I hear it. The balance of the sounds slowly shifts in favour of the song now louder than the whispers. I still hear them but my mind fixes with purpose. I know what I need to do to stay a float. I know I won't sink. But the tide is strong. Its blackness so dark, like an empty void pulling all light down. Nothing can escape it seems. Nothing will ever be other than this long windy river. This thought is terrifying but I knew it took just one decision one choice to get me on here so surely it will only be one decision one choice to get me out. But it takes time and effort to get to the point of such strength. I must wade through the murky waters of my past. But the water weighs me down heavy like a mountain on my back.
Adam Morris Mar 2019
1 earth, 7 billion worlds
We walk around our lives day to day carrying our burdens around with us.

Not knowing the people we pass carrying thier burdens.

Never assume someone gets your problems. And certainly never assume they get yours.
Adam Morris Dec 2018
There is no peace for a tortured soul.
There's always a battle to be sought, always a fight to loose. The mind runs rabid with thoughts of persecution and traumas that haven't yet happened. Past memories manifest, repeating over and over again. The bad out weighing the good, the light dimmed by the dark.

A morning can be the point of a terrible day. You can rise with confidence and faith in yourself that this day is yours.
One song, one poem, a smell or just a trick of the mind thinking you saw something that wasn't there. Then your day turns sour in that moment.
One breath and all doom consumes you.

Pulling through this is no easy feat. It almost can't be done alone. With the right mindset and a bit of luck you can undo this mess before it sets in.

Having a friend that completely understands you and has the right amount of love for you can be what changes your life. They can say one thing out of the blue and that smile that cascades across your face can transfer deep within.
Waking up your engine, giving you fight back!

I find night times be either the best or worst. Once alone I find distraction wherever I can but if I fail this task then the whispers start. My imagination is fueled past experiences and future what ifs.

This is a daily cycle that I try to break day after day night after night. Speaking, shouting, rocking, singing and even laughing all on my own.

I will one day be better
I will one day be saved
I will one day heal
One day is alway we have one day and always.
Adam Morris Nov 2018
It's not till you face yourself can you truly be your self
Adam Morris Nov 2018
We live in a world that's so cold
Where its more important to savour the flavour
Than stop life ending up on a fork and knife.

We do good deeds and preach our teachings to the younger future walkers of the earth.
We teach them what's right and what's wrong and get them to listen to our favourite song.

But life isn't important, no cpr classes in school no teachings of being an ***** donar.
We carry on teaching useless, pointless information.
We waste time and effort teaching religion when we don't even know who they will grow up to be.

We tell children to be nice to animals around the dinner table. Carving up what used to live and love now covered  in Gravy beyond recognition of how it once was part of its own family.

Every year our biggest celebration Christmas where we celebrate the birth of jesus or just friendly old santa bringing us gifts. Picking out the biggest turkey to be stuffed glazed and cooked. Poor animal killed to celebrate life or joy.

It ****'s being on the food chain. You're either above or below an other fellow earthling. Why not break the chain and be you. Not above me, not above a fish that swims faster than you. Not above a lion stronger than you. Not about the farm animals sitting at the bottom waiting to be bled and made into shrink wrapped food.

You take the nutrition from the animal that's spent its whole life collecting from plants. Why is the cow the middle man in this earth crime.

We have consciousness now we know what's right and wrong so why **** for the thrill of flavor. So sad we don't break this habit and mean it when we say to our children. Don't be mean to animals..
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