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Malik 93 Aug 2019
Welcome Little One
Little Bird, You have sung
From the womb of your mom
To the grasp of her thumb
I am your big brother
Yes I have come
To tell you hello
You're not alone, we are one
Welcome Little One
Malik 93 Jul 2019
Sup old man, my gold plan
was to be better than you
but as time passes by
I realize I was already
greater than you, Elevated & true.
I restate it in blue. While this
ink pen leaks, I am painted as truth
20 years you laid down
behind a cell, sendin mail
I call tell, emotions from a stranger
that knew he failed as a father.
I didn't bother to write back
to see you in person now
a free man, how can I fight that
I'm happy but I dont know you
just your legacy. Another lost black king
so me, I'll never be.
Malik 93 May 2019
Aggression overflowing
emotions Im controlling
Negative thoughts not eroding
The tension to be Explosive
I need to break
Cant relate to blind eyes
to you it may be blue
but to me its red skies
especially in the night
how come I only seem to mention
I feel the cold glares
they see me as my complexion
time is of the essence
& honestly I dont stress it
but I do seem to feel this
overwhelming Aggression
Malik 93 May 2019
As A Graffiti Writer
We Live a Double Life,
Don't Mean ‬‪It's The Same
When The Day
Becomes The Night.‬
Malik 93 May 2019
What is love to a person
you can't understand
to assume you know them
but to them
you dont comprehend
the source, past experiences
to you, it's always him
feeling deeply connected
but wont look deep within
your own mind, your own thoughts
your own body
I told you before
It dont matter if you try me
I love test though
cuz I fail them all to well
You say you love me
but dont even love yourself
Malik 93 May 2019
I bare in mind some ears
will never listen
some words will only mention
if validated
through attention
somehow my pain & peace  
is only found when I'm living
between depth
&  the pressure of
Limbo's tension
I remember when
All was love & Love was all
consistent nights
there was closeness & phone calls
Summer nights, lightning bugs
would always fly
Didnt have many friends
but I knew, the few I had
well they were mine
bonds from people
that influenced
My wildest dreams
I can see
some ears may never listen
no words
  Will help you see
Malik 93 May 2019
Eyes from a Queen
like watchin the ocean sea
Is the depth pain
Why does she resemble A dream
Prophetic & Empathetic
Emotions felt & seen
Things can easily be described
but I see her silent peace
The eyes never lie
& her actions she seems to keep
Without hesitation
I'm eager for love that clings
Drowning in paranoia
Usually, I do things for her
Promises can be reckless
She speaks with such Eunoia
Illusion & Mirages
The Desert is burning soil
She shows me an Oasis
I'm dying without the water
Should I keep walking
Because currently I'm exhausted
The mind is playin tricks
No Balance & I am falling
Falling as I kneel
Death seems to be calling
I feel lips, see her eyes
say no more talking
exhausted from the heat,
I look without a caution
as I take a sip, & see
the silhouette of A Goddess

— The End —