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91995 Oct 2013
Tonight, the sky is seemingly so dark. I can‘t even see the bitty stars that used to shimmer. But, it‘s lucky that tonight, there is a moon for me to see. Even if, I can see it unclearly due to the curtain of the clouds, the pale moonlight can fulfill my heart alot for it makes this night have some light. And, this very light helps a lonely man like me to get by through this lonesome night.

- Stephen Hugs
91995 Oct 2013
You may think I‘m just a mime.

My tongue says words of silence as if lame.
My face expresses no mood but a placid sheet.
I give you a serene look from head to feet.

You may think your thought is right.
But, I can tell you are so wrong.

My heart is bursting with the endless rue
That you left me out of the blue,
And went for another man.

So, I’m not the mime that you think.
I’m a murdered man though I blink.
I’m a murdered man with breath; Deep inside, I’m tragically dead
As I was mentally killed by you
Who don’t feel any shame,
And think I’m just a mime.

I shall stay away from you
For the rest of my time.

- Stephen Hugs
91995 Oct 2013
Beneath roaming white coulds of the morning time,
A boy can find his joy without costing him a dime.
He looks innocently at the coulds
Around which the golden lines are drawn
By the smiley shiny sun in the sky
Who kills darkness of the night
With his inspiring golden light.

The sumless clouds he sees in a glance
Make his naive heart happily dance
For what he sees are not just the clouds.

On that majestic sky,
A Beagle chases after the other one
Until catching the tail is done.
They combine into a plane flying to nowhere.

But the boy manages to think of the destination,
And he says his wishes to the plane.

Before the plane is gone into an enormous cloud,
He joyfully shouts out loud
"Yes! That must be the destination!"

-Kryde N.B. Richmond

— The End —