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madison brancato Apr 2018
Something that can be heard
Be seen
Be felt.
Something that can be heard
Be seen
Be felt.
Hate may portray happiness but
the hidden emptiness inside is never filled.
madison brancato Apr 2018
Words are strong.
Words are brave.
Words are bold.
                         Words can have hope that can never be fulfilled.
Words are empty.
Words are lies.
Words are useless.
                         People can use words but their actions determine where they stand.
madison brancato Apr 2018
The light gleams through the trees,
while breaking the darkness of my room.
My smile is brightened like the sun from its warmth.
The day is a beautiful as it is young.
The opportunities it has given me are endless.
What I do in this world with each day is all determined by me.
Me who is strong,
Me who is open-minded,
And me who is creative.
And the light will keep gleaming each day.

— The End —