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Wolf girl Oct 2018
She asked him out
She told me he said no
He actually said maybe
He said that with smirk
He hasen't said yes or no
true story about my friend post more about it later
Wolf girl May 2018
He’s mine
He’s hers
Here comes
The fight
He says
More of
A friend
Than her
We sit
From each
He touched
My leg
With his
I freak out
When I’m near
Him but
I’ve gotten
It’s almost
Too late to
Tell him I like him
My friend
Has never
Had a friend
That’s a boy
I have
Some of my
Closest friends
Are boys
Should I tell him before it’s to late ps this is true and I need advice please help me
Wolf girl Jan 2018
Paris the city of love
If I went there I would
Not have love I’m
The girl that doesn’t
Talk so no one
Will go out with me
All my friends have
Has a bf/gf and
Then there is me
A pure single pringle
Never been on a date
Never had a boyfriend
I will always be
Forever alone
This is my life
Wolf girl Dec 2017
Be a pineapple
Stand up tall
Wear a crown
And be sweet
on the inside
Wolf girl Nov 2017
Never regret a day in life.
Good days give happieness.
Bad days give experience.
Worst days give lessons.
Best days give memories.
This is my first poem so please don’t judge me by it l am going to work up

— The End —