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CoCo Mar 2023
I Am Corrine
I Wonder why people are so cruel
I Hear people yell and call each other names
I See the world as a place that needs to change
I Want people to make the world a better place

I Pretend the world is filled with love but really it is mostly hate
I Feel we should work together to make our world a better place
I see people on the street and wonder why people don't try and help  
I Worry that the world will never change
I Am Corrine
CoCo Nov 2021
I wish I were more confident
I wish ha the courage to be myself
but instead im stuck doing something bad just to take the pain away
i wish pain wasnt a thing so I could just feel free and happy
CoCo May 2021
i'm yet broken
broken indeed
I don't know what happened
but this time hit me different
my dad is locked up once again but it doesn't feel the same
can you believe i'm only 13 and dealing with so much pain
i Don't know what to do but cry and be sad
I'm just broken just like my dad
I don't want any sympathy
CoCo Feb 2021
As the sky falls I drift away
CoCo Feb 2021
As the sun sets my tears start to fall
But the second the sun comes back up my tears go away
don;t really know what this is
CoCo Feb 2021
I lay awake at night hoping to wake up to a better day
A day that is not filled with hatred and regret
A day that is not filled pain and misery
I just want one day that is filled with love and passion  
Just one day is all ask
not a poem just my thoughts
CoCo Feb 2021
When I touch the sky I see my fate
a fate that is good nor bad
its just about me and my dad
life was never good nor great
he turned to drugs and turned into a snake
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