I try to peek out for new lights
Root Under

With my head
still on my bed
I try to peek out for new lights
for new inspiration
for new myself
among the crowds of desolate.
Everyone is excited about some new year.
Me too.
and I look back at the old year
and the older one
more older one.
I remember my friends
the members of my family
the rags on the street
the kings of the doomed
Try to look at their old year and new year
everyone is happy.
much smile and happiness.
But they fear tomorrow they have to forfeit
what today they are celebrating.
even the newspaper.

I never celebrated the name.

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But I'm different now, I'm someone new

I'm different now, this much is true
but that hasn't changed my love for you
not that it matters, for you've got him
and he filled your heart, up to the brim.

But I'm different now, I'm someone new
and new me honestly doesn't haven't a clue
about where or not he is enough for you
and about where or not you could love me too.

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is he embarassed at all to show off a new wife
Jane Ellen Smith
Jane Ellen Smith
Jul 24, 2013

I wonder
is he embarassed at all to show off a new wife
when they knew the old one too?

Does he think about it?
Does he wish that he could remove the old one from history
so that he could introduce the new to the people they once knew?
Oh I forget. He did that. He took the new back in time
across the continental divide and showed her to the people
who knew the old. He did erase her in their minds.

Only the old is embarrassed to be replaced.
Only the old thinks of these things.
She is not busy being new
and so remembers.

But old and new are such common occurrences
that no one thinks anything of it now.
It is how it is.
That’s all.

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To a heavy building door held open by a New York giant inviting me in;
Ellen Joyce
Ellen Joyce
Dec 2, 2013      Dec 3, 2013

And the sun is rising.
A crisp winter dawn is giving birth to this great city.
Rays of light kissing one way signs with promises amidst the building chaos.
The ear-spitting labour song gathers momentum and breaks into a cacophony
of horns panting, rails screeching, breaks shushing,
crowds pushing, rushing to the sound of can I get a hoagie?
a bagel, black coffee, eggs
scrambled into the pulsating clouds
light with smiles and heavy with the fuming of exhaust pipes
contracting to the crowning of car bonnets and head lamps and taxi cab signs
dancing in a place, to a pace and a rhythm constructed, conducted
by a lone woman in blue with benign brown eyes
leading a symphony of brake light beating, feet pounding, bus groaning,
venders sighing, newborns crying, school bus squealing,
pedal revving, fingers drumming, foot tapping pedestrians building
to erupt in a crescendo of a man asking to buy a cigarette for a dollar
and refusing to accept it for free.
To a heavy building door held open by a New York giant inviting me in;
welcoming me to the raw, ragged, rich, beautiful carnage
of the afterbirth.

#new   #city   #birth   #york   #nyc  
Ryan Jakes
Ryan Jakes
5 days ago      5 days ago

The saddest song I've ever heard
the lyrics of Miss Mockingbird
her pain it rails aloud in verse
who doomed her to this bitter curse?
her words they soothe, yet tear my heart
as love lies bleeding, torn apart.
I sent a message, just to see
If at her mercy I could be
in friendship fair across the miles
joined in pain and lovelorn smiles
this siren I have never known
with knowing smile and broken bones
replied with grace at once to this
and left me with an angels kiss.

For Calpurnia, whoever she may be, wherever she may rest, the pleasure will always be mine.
You've inspired a new me
Autumn Ann

I wanna hold you in my arms
Until the end of time
Those rings on our fingers
They say you're mine

Not a single force
Nor any combined
Could take you away
Our lives are entwined

On the outside
It may seem shallow
But within our love
To the depth we go

Though once weary
Weakness shown
We are now whole
No longer alone

Through the passion
And the pain
Our total devotion
Will always remain

Even when it's hard
And a handful
Your presence easily
Keeps me joyful

Does it get any better?
Is it possible?
Could we get any closer?
Could it happen?

There is no competition
My soul is yours
No need to petition
I give in already

You saved me
Without thinking
You supported me
Without realizing

My entire world
Is you
My everything
Is you

Seems to simple
To fall so quickly
Seems to fast
But you'll be my last

You gave me light
When I was drowning in darkness
You gave me sanity
When I felt too heartless

You've reminded me
That good can really be
You've changed me
And become part of me

You're the part
That will stick
The part that
Will never leave

You're the one
Who outshines the sun
You're the one
Who made eyes open

Living and breathing
In such beauty
Should not be possible
Yet, for you, is nothing

Exceptional existence
Extraordinary reality
I adore you, no resistance
You've inspired a new me

Inspiration for the better
We'll become the best
Handwritten letters
Tattooed across your chest

A declaration
Of our honest truth
A dedication
To our brand new start

No longer lonely
An enchanted pair
Willing to become one
Our entire life, we'll share

Could one person
Be so enticing?
Could one being
Change a life?

Of course, you're magic
You're casting a spell
You've chased away my demons
Ran them back to hell

Now a life of joy
Because it's you I possess
And us together
Has put me to rest

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and too fucking **new.**

Human like laughter,
like honey in water,
human hereafter,
like pain as you fought her.

Living like stone,
sedentary and stubborn,
you sit and you watch
as if you aren't human.

Afford me the time,
show me the place.
How can I match
this inhuman pace?

I just want to want
and I need to live.
So much is left
that I've yet to forgive.
It’s all so much
yet far too little,
how could a mind have been
so brittle?

Human like love,
A warm wind blowing,
Human hereafter,
before it starts snowing.

Human because I can
and human because I am.
Human because it suits me
and that because it’s there,
however so unfair.

Entitled to such as we are,
these rights of Man
at least so far.
All so dwindled and few,
all so human,
and too fucking new.

#freedom   #depression   #life   #new   #human   #personal   #rights  
New years
Apr 2

New years
Boom cracklacka
Penn's landing over water ice lights up like the explosions
In the sky. Reflecting in our eyes we count down from 10. The ball drops
Then Dick Clark is dead.
Fergie in a mini skirt.
Ryan in a suit.
Every year we celebrate the same way
A resolution never happens
And each year gets worse as each year I get older.
Summers hotter
Winters colder
Drink of champaign bringing in the new year it bubbles up exploding, my brain imploding, saying my innermost desires...
Is the new year really real?

Jan 1 2014
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My muse is now, someone new
The Lonely Wordsmith
Mar 24      Mar 24

My muse is now, someone new
and I think change was, overdue
For I was slowly becoming bitter
I'd soon have given up and become a quitter

But now my muse has been exchanged
Are my poems different, have they changed?
Because the're now about a girl who loves me too
But do my new poems sound different to you?

#love   #poetry   #change   #her   #new   #poems   #muse  
Welcome to the dawn of a new age
Jun 17, 2013

Welcome to the dawn of a new age
Open up the book and turn the page
Excelling to a higher degree
Understanding the evolution of humanity
Who has the answers?
Let us ask the questions
It is as if no one is even paying attention
To money which was created by man
It separates people
Now are you starting to understand?
It is a trap set by death it wont stop
Till we breath our last breath
Hmm that's right!!
Not even death is free
Money is the mother of poverty
Overpopulation, segregation a bunch of messed up nations
Leads to World Wars of mass annihilation
Wartime, many battles rage on
Is it about hatred?
Or is it a politicians song
Time and space
The final frontiers
We can build bombs to blow up our atmosphere
Cultures wiped out to the future they are unknown
Aliens from space invade our home
Pledge allegiance to their flag
Whatever may wave which ever they have
Science is it fiction or fact?
Sometimes it is hard to believe all that
Who will do it?
Who will find the answers?
Prophets fall but not from cancer
GOD? Thee almighty one
Spoke to us on earth through his son
Whether you agree or disagree
The intention was to save humanity
Who will stand up?
Who will be the one?
To bring about change without firing a gun?
Every generation builds off the back of the last
Truths ignored dooms us to repeat our past..

2013  M.A.N
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