New to a place

New to a place
Where people sans a face
Coming from everywhere
Can collaborate and share
Pieces of art
That come from the heart
Be it amateur and poor
Or a piece of lost lore
Simple and plain
Or sporadic and barely sane
Every poem is respected
Nothing should be rejected
Because it all means something to the one who wrote it
And it takes a lot of guts from the poet
To throw it out for anyone to see
And if they like it there's no certainty
So certainly this is scary
But hey life is is too nothing is merry
So I'm going to just let it out
Until there's nothing left to talk about
So without further ado
I'm going to show it to you
For me this is something new
And I'm not sure if this is what I will continue to do
But hey you got to be bold
Or you just sit in your static world

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now making memories with you is all the new I want.
Jul 29

Everything has to change, eventually. But I didn't expect to ever stand on the edge of the world with you of all people and have to realize things are changing far too rapidly for any of us to handle.

You're holding my hand, and making promises you probably can't keep. Its breaking my heart as you scream "Grace, you're the only one for me" when I know you've said it time and again before and they never were the one for you, were they?

Its ok, I thought your best friend was the one. That was until he wasn't. So maybe in this moment, you aren't lying, for this second, maybe I am your one. But who knows if that'll stay, if that will remain, for rarely anything remains the same.

Maybe I've made a mistake forging my heart in the shape of your name, and maybe one day it'll morph itself into another, but for now making memories with you is all the new I want.

And then there's you. We fight, we cry, we love. But I don't know if we're right anymore, and part of me can dream of a world without you. That kills me, because you were my everything. I spent every day with you and I hate myself for thinking of how it might be easier to be apart.

The hollow hallways of my heart once were filled with you, but now I don't know if you belong in every avenue anymore. Maybe your just a conditional love now, something that hurts even to admit. You were once a world I could orbit around, but now as my own planet I can see myself out of your solar system.

And finally, you. The one I cannot fathom losing.

I don't even want to talk about the thought of losing you.

God how I hate everything new.

#love   #pain   #loss   #new  

I don't know you yet,
But when I see your text,
My heart skips a beat.

When I see you will I be able to breathe?

#love   #romance   #new  

hiding in the shadows was always a way of life for me.
but I grew tiresome and bored of that lifestyle.
I've gone on my own path, whether its a path of destruction, or success.
it is my path of my own making.
I am a ticking time bomb close to exploding.
I will be broken down to less than nothing ,
and when I do I want to do it in solitude.
don't try to come to my rescue because this is not something you can fix by hiding it.
I am no longer going to allow lies, and secrets control my life.
I am not a fragile lap dog.
I am a cold, heartless, heartbreaker who deserves solitude while I die and resurrect myself.
my life at the moment is already full with things that you cannot protect me from.
I am spiraling down a steep mountain losing all control
and frankly my dear, I love it.
so save yourself the time and tell your loved ones im dead.
because indeed my soul is, im just a walking corpse.
and if anyone tries to interfere with my life well...
I cant be blamed for collateral damage.

sometimes we have to die and be reborn again to escape and rise to a new life. don't be scared to hit rock bottom.
we all do.
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I need something new
Chalsey Wilder
Chalsey Wilder
May 20      May 20

I need something new
A change of scenery
I need a good change,
and live my dreams in reality
I need new feelings
New body
New concepts
Sometimes I get them
Sometimes I just remember what I already knew
New things rarely happen
And I'm just tired of the same things
I feel like everyday's the same and I'm left to discover on my own
I feel like everything is grey and there's no color to behold
I need something new
And I've waited 16, almost 17 years
My whole life
And the only new thing that has happened is my body and mind
Which I don't like

a brand new day ushers new hope
Amitav Radiance

Today I welcome the day
with the things I did not have yesterday
a brand new day ushers new hope
to believe in myself to bring a change

#hope   #day   #new  
I try to peek out for new lights
Sum It
Sum It
Apr 16

With my head
still on my bed
I try to peek out for new lights
for new inspiration
for new myself
among the crowds of desolate.
Everyone is excited about some new year.
Me too.
and I look back at the old year
and the older one
more older one.
I remember my friends
the members of my family
the rags on the street
the kings of the doomed
Try to look at their old year and new year
everyone is happy.
much smile and happiness.
But they fear tomorrow they have to forfeit
what today they are celebrating.
even the newspaper.

I never celebrated the name.

#new   #year  
A new approach to things-
Jun 6      Jun 6

A new approach to things-
may seem.. Frightening.
a click, trickled down into a
different land-
shows the horizons of a
striving, bitter man,
and his loved ones.

I can't seem to love one-
of the 7 billion that claim
they are someone-
THE one-
That answers after
they listen,
and dances in
the distance-

Even in the rain- I smile
a delightful frightening
new smile.

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means there will be a new beginning.
Hayley Cusick

it's hard to let go of something
you have held onto for so long.
watching it drift away,
caught in the wind.
tears stream from your face
and it feels like your chest has caved in.
but watching this thing die,
something you've known for your whole life,
means there will be a new beginning.
whether you're ready for it or not.

why does it hurt so badly?
#life   #die   #new   #beginning  
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