New to a place

New to a place
Where people sans a face
Coming from everywhere
Can collaborate and share
Pieces of art
That come from the heart
Be it amateur and poor
Or a piece of lost lore
Simple and plain
Or sporadic and barely sane
Every poem is respected
Nothing should be rejected
Because it all means something to the one who wrote it
And it takes a lot of guts from the poet
To throw it out for anyone to see
And if they like it there's no certainty
So certainly this is scary
But hey life is is too nothing is merry
So I'm going to just let it out
Until there's nothing left to talk about
So without further ado
I'm going to show it to you
For me this is something new
And I'm not sure if this is what I will continue to do
But hey you got to be bold
Or you just sit in your static world

#new   #bold  

I don't know you yet,
But when I see your text,
My heart skips a beat.

When I see you will I be able to breathe?

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I need something new
chalsey wilder
chalsey wilder
May 20      May 20

I need something new
A change of scenery
I need a good change,
and live my dreams in reality
I need new feelings
New body
New concepts
Sometimes I get them
Sometimes I just remember what I already knew
New things rarely happen
And I'm just tired of the same things
I feel like everyday's the same and I'm left to discover on my own
I feel like everything is grey and there's no color to behold
I need something new
And I've waited 16, almost 17 years
My whole life
And the only new thing that has happened is my body and mind
Which I don't like

I try to peek out for new lights
Sum It
Sum It
Apr 16

With my head
still on my bed
I try to peek out for new lights
for new inspiration
for new myself
among the crowds of desolate.
Everyone is excited about some new year.
Me too.
and I look back at the old year
and the older one
more older one.
I remember my friends
the members of my family
the rags on the street
the kings of the doomed
Try to look at their old year and new year
everyone is happy.
much smile and happiness.
But they fear tomorrow they have to forfeit
what today they are celebrating.
even the newspaper.

I never celebrated the name.

#new   #year  
A new approach to things-
Jordan Love
Jordan Love
Jun 6      Jun 6

A new approach to things-
may seem.. Frightening.
a click, trickled down into a
different land-
shows the horizons of a
striving, bitter man,
and his loved ones.

I can't seem to love one-
of the 7 billion that claim
they are someone-
THE one-
That answers after
they listen,
and dances in
the distance-

Even in the rain- I smile
a delightful frightening
new smile.

#love   #nature   #smile   #new  
But I'm different now, I'm someone new
The Lonely Wordsmith

I'm different now, this much is true
but that hasn't changed my love for you
not that it matters, for you've got him
and he filled your heart, up to the brim.

But I'm different now, I'm someone new
and new me honestly doesn't haven't a clue
about where or not he is enough for you
and about where or not you could love me too.

#love   #life   #change   #her   #new  

I know there will come a time where the only moisture will run out, and the ground will crack and crumble

And we will have to leave from this eternal drought- in this land many have called home

In two or two-hundred years- would we still have the one thing to nourish our bodies and repair the crusted soil?

#nature   #new   #mexico   #land   #drought  
is he embarassed at all to show off a new wife
Jane Ellen Smith
Jane Ellen Smith
Jul 24, 2013

I wonder
is he embarassed at all to show off a new wife
when they knew the old one too?

Does he think about it?
Does he wish that he could remove the old one from history
so that he could introduce the new to the people they once knew?
Oh I forget. He did that. He took the new back in time
across the continental divide and showed her to the people
who knew the old. He did erase her in their minds.

Only the old is embarrassed to be replaced.
Only the old thinks of these things.
She is not busy being new
and so remembers.

But old and new are such common occurrences
that no one thinks anything of it now.
It is how it is.
That’s all.

#new   #old   #divorce   #wife  
As we reach a new year, we talk about the old.

As we reach a new year, we talk about the old.
The record beating summer, the winter & the cold.

But what about the people who made it all worthwhile.
Some of them made us cry, while others made us smile.

But while each year progresses, we are learning from the last.
Looking for a brighter future & forgetting the year gone past.

It’s our past that makes the future or so i have been told.
Maybe it doesn’t make sense yet but we will see it when we are old.

So don’t just wish the year away and waiting for the new.
A year is what we make of it and that’s up to me & you.

Go enjoy the parties, celebrate the New Year in style.
It’s up to us to enjoy it. So let’s make it all worthwhile.

#happy   #new   #year  
May 11

Beneath those musty shelves
I found the one I was looking for
Beneath those musty shelves
I saw those electrifying eyes
Beneath those musty shelves
I touched something I wasn't allowed to feel

You penetrate my soul,
Saw what I was hidding for so long.
You perceived something beautiful
Despite the ruins inside me--
Even the darkest corners of my soul.
You kissed my scars
And healed my wounds.

Beneath those musty shelves
I found love--
I found you.

#love   #new   #random   #found  
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