sp;    Our thoughts have got turned into    &nbs
Mohammad Skati
Feb 8, 2015

We have to keep silent                                                                                              Simply because we're not allowed to talk ...                                                           Our thoughts have got turned into                                                                         Tiny ones                                                                                                                    Simply because that's it ...                                                                                            Our pretty words have become abbreviated                                                           For many reasons ...                                                                                                  To be is not allowed anymore                                                                                    Simply because to be not has got replaced by it ...                                                     We have got cornered                                                                                             Anywhere and everywhere ...                                                                               _____________________

#life   #in   #have   #we   #cornered   #got  
Pearl Smoke
Pearl Smoke
Sep 6, 2014

Fuck Wtf Am iDoing
Making This Worse For My Self
iJust Begun
And Re Picked Up
This iS Were iT Starts.
Should Begin To Worry
iTs Way To Early!
Already On A Thin Line The Last Chapter iN My Life
till My Death Story.
iM Killing Me Slowly
By Taking This Substance.
My Times Ticking
My Hearts Beating
As iContinue To Use
More Like Abuse.
iCant Just Take
1 Line Or Smoke 1 Bowl
And Save The Rest.
iGo All About And Have To Do Every Last Bit.
Then iGo On Again To Finding A Way To Get More Of it

#drugs   #smoke   #it   #cloud   #rocks   #crystal   #got   #dealer   #pipes  
I got all this love in here
Jul 14, 2016

I got all this love in here
its stored away
I got all this time
its on the wall ticking away
I got all this feeling
its inside
And that's where it will stay

I got this rhythm
its in my feet today
I got this vision
Its coming out on paper
I got this dream
it doesn't leave me anyday

I got this height
it sees over you so don't worry
I got this strength
it protects the ones I love
I got this mind
it keeps racing

I got these eyes
they help me see the beauty in this world
even when its  really hard to see

#freedom   #life   #living   #mind   #sight   #determination   #observing   #got  
Whose got the answers?
Daylight 4U2C
Daylight 4U2C
May 11, 2014

Whose got the answers?
Rise oh rise!
Whose got the answers now?

Whose criticizing?
Oh rise, oh rise?
Whose criticizing now?

Who thinks they know,
and who knows they think?

Trumping their thoughts,
onto me?

Who knows what's right,
and who knows what's wrong?

Who has the answers to fix everyone?

Tell me, oh tell me,
I just have to know,
whose got the answers now?

#poem   #thoughts   #wrong   #the   #and   #me   #think   #tell   #song   #now   #know   #right   #rise   #who   #oh   #they   #thinks   #answers   #knows   #their   #whats   #got   #whose   #criticized   #criticizing   #trumping   #onto  
Jun 17, 2016

Years have passed
Still, you linger in my mind.
I miss the thought of you
Yet, at the same time I hate you.

What would happen between us?
If we didn't end up like this.
Would we have a label and be lovers?
Or would I just end up calling you 'My Almost Lover'?

You we're once my life
But I had no more fun
You we're once my everything
But one day, we felt like nothing.

We never had the chance to say goodbye,
And I see no pain in your eyes.
Thank you for making me this person I am now.
I had been hurt,
But it made me write about you again,
One last time.

#love   #pain   #time   #hurt   #away   #goodbye   #you   #one   #last   #got  
Pauline Chan
Pauline Chan
Nov 14, 2014

That's what engulfed me
and my heart
before I could risk anything.
I could never put my best foot forward
when it came to you
knowing that I may never get a chance.
I could never make a move towards you
knowing that at some point,
we may end up further apart than what we already are

In my desire to cease my longing,
I drew away myself away from you
only to suffer an unquenchable thirst,
one that only you can provide a relief to

I'm sure you'd be surprised
if I told you,
a part of me still wants to be with you.
I'm sure you'd be surprised, if I even told you,
I wanted you, and I have always liked you

Because in the end,
I regret the path I chose to deviate from,
I regret not taking my chances with you
I regret, not trusting you
Because we could have been forever,
and we'd never know.

#heartbreak   #sad   #away   #the   #you   #one   #that   #got  
what you got in your pockets?
Got Guanxi
Got Guanxi
Jan 15, 2016

what you got in your pockets?

Reveal yourself with an object,
let the subtext talk in a million ways.
What you got hiding,
and what does it say?

What you

Your devotion to the object chosen,
is outspoken in a delicate gaze.

Theres a million ways you can spend that minimum wage,
Or a rainy day,
is just a rain
drop away.

And you could save me from the cold with your ignorance.

And i could pickpocket your soul in the holes of  indifference.

What’s the difference anyway.
Keep safe on your daily ways
keep safes, keeps the evil away;

I’ll keep you in my pocket until laundry day,
forget about you'
watching the world go round in bubbles and soap screens.

We got the same jeans (genes),
We got the same dreams,

Got Guanxi
Got Guanxi
Dec 14, 2015

A long whsispered monologue
Curling up in a ball
The fresh air of winter morning
Sleeping with the lights on
A first and final passionate kiss
Tip toeing down a hallway
Conversations at twilight
Eating chicken wings with nothing to clean your hands
Searching for lost treasure.
Waiting for the rain to come.
Watching a snowflake melt into water.
The first crop of the season.
When somebody hands your wallet in,
And the money still in it.
Reconnecting with old school friends.
Visiting foreign shore and ancient city's.
Building a business, building a brand.
A trip to the Tate national.
The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and Neil Young,
For starters.
When the night won't seem to end.
The sound of your voice in the morning.
Breakfast in bed, fresh coffee
In a wide open space.
For all those times I took you for granted.

He got you.
Audrey Marie
Audrey Marie
Apr 14, 2016

He saw you.
He met you.
He wanted you.
He liked you.
He chased you.
He got you.
He had you.
He got bored of you.
He left you.
He broke you

#love   #heartbreak   #had   #him   #he   #left   #bored   #broke   #got  
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