Whose got the answers?
May 11

Whose got the answers?
Rise oh rise!
Whose got the answers now?

Whose criticizing?
Oh rise, oh rise?
Whose criticizing now?

Who thinks they know,
and who knows they think?

Trumping their thoughts,
onto me?

Who knows what's right,
and who knows what's wrong?

Who has the answers to fix everyone?

Tell me, oh tell me,
I just have to know,
whose got the answers now?

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May 14

They say write what you know...

But I know nothing.

My name is Jon Snow.

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One cell
One cell more
Tick tock
More and more
Complete reliance
Define me
This is me
I feel time move
I change
The world has changed
I leave
Bit by bit
Tick no more

make the most of every minute
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got what she's got
Nicole Normile
Dec 15, 2010

let em tear ya down
bright green eyes
the angel's dream dies
she's wondering why
life is such a lie
and why when she tries so hard
she's left behind so very far
she was a beautiful baby
though slowly crippled
by her parents mishaps

her father's death
and mother's selfishness
mother's sadness
she felt little bliss
with her father dead, came madness
it killed her to watch her mother suffer
she cries sometimes
and can't seem to stop
she knows that she's only
got what she's got

we aint got no country
jeffrey robin
Feb 12, 2011

we aint got no country
---the world?

we aint got no god

if we want love we gotta love


if we want love we gotta love


if we want love we gotta love


aint got nothin if we aint got love


aint got no country
aint got no god


what we got if we aint got love

i got plans
Nov 10, 2012

i got plans
and no one going change that
i got a loveing mom and two sis
i got some good friend that support me
i got everything i want
i got my family and friend and i'm happy about that

everybody got a big house
Sep 15, 2013

everybody got a big house
everybody got an acre
...at least
everybody got a 2 story
and a fancy staircase
...no lease!
everybody got a new car
everybody need a 2 car
everybody got a S--U--V
except for
'cause we live fancy free

we got our small house
we got our backyard
we got our big sky
so high
stars fly
we got our TV
it was a free-bee
we got our used car, a die-hard
but we don't drive far

not everybody is a bootleg
not everybody has a full keg
not everybody got a two legs
or even one leg to stand on

not everybody got a washer
not everybody got a dryer
and then you gotta have a friend
or at least a lot of quarters

and we've got family
like everybody
though many don't
we have our health
and that's enough
it's all the same stuff
life's one big cream puff
and we can choose
to win or lose
to binge or booze
no matter who's
got more of what
it's just enough.

and in all fairness
with this awareness
we have all this
and so much bliss
we shouldn't brag
and much less rag
whose got it rough
and all that stuff...
it's just enough
more than enough

Sa Sa Ra
Sa Sa Ra
Mar 20

Springs Sprung

Some is and then

the was

The more awaits
Steps within
Your gait

Springs Sprung

Wound and bound
Spiral and viral
Through all time
Within all 'things'
Save the perfect
Which we claim

Yet are not

Unique indeed
to each their own

Relative to each
Every infinite

yet impossible
yet we are

So does such

Do you see
Can you hear

What is it
are we thinking

illusive or
illusion all


One force
One will

And or

The infinite
So big

And precious
Heart Light

Of all

In crystal
Harmonic prisms

Totally small
i know i got him,


he bit my neck
i clawed his back

his tongue against mine
loving it

i nibble his ear
bite his neck
claw his back
hear him softly moan

i know i got him,
just where i want him

;) some very lovely stuff goin on
i feel like friends with benefits ;D
#bite   #mine   #moan  
Just got bills to pay and mouths to feed
A Thomas Hawkins
A Thomas Hawkins
Jul 20, 2010

Anyone need a heart?
Cos mine up for rent
It's not being used anyway
Thought I'd give it up for Lent

But then I figured what the heck
I'm sure there's someone who's in need
I'm not asking very much
Just got bills to pay and mouths to feed

But it comes with some conditions
precautions if you will
Be sure that when you give it back
at least its beating still

You shouldn't have to be too careful
its got tougher over time
Why should you risk breaking yours
you can always just break mine

It always seems to fix itself
eventually at least
But for now the vultures of my past
have had their final feast.

So come on folks, who wants a piece
oh didn't I explain
In the time it took to write this
it got broken once again.

Bloody thing, where's the duct tape...

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