By my side

I held you tight

One silent night.

Gasping for more,

Feeling the Fright

I knew


To your heart beat


How suddenly

We came to live

This calamity

Of charades

The electric shock


Through my veins

On clashing terms

A Lightning strike

Squeezed right round

My darkened heart

Is but a cry

In the cold moonlight.

It's here, I can taste it in the air
lingering, like the sweet bitterness that you are
It's here, just how I left it
clinging to every particle in this space
It's here, I can smell it
reeking of everything I left behind
and it's still here
echoing on and on and on...

La La La La La
I sing my silent song
whatever dreams may come
you are a fucking cunt
forever more

A special hole you have carved inside my heart
A whole that only you can fill

And it's so crazy amazing
But it hurts
Cause there's a hole in my heart

The way you walk
The way you talk
The way you hold my hand
The things you taught
me thinks you hot
I mean seriously
You understand?
The way you read my mind sometimes
The child-like sparkle in your eyes
sending chills down my spine

...But we'll never ever go and be free

I peel you open like an onion
Hold you on my palm like a flower
Careful not to break

A bitter truth that tastes like tears
Our problem is we're full of fears

No need to speak,
you know how it is
We keep enjoying
the lift this gives

I saw it near
Now it's clear

I wanted to deny it
But I just can't fight it
The end is here

I love you,

But it makes me sick it makes me wanna vomit I can't understand why you would do this to me after all we've been through after all these years I'm mortified and hung over and disgusted and sad and ferocious and addicted and crazy but it hurts and it hurts and it hurts and it hurts and I'm so angry with everything all the time why why why why why why why oh WHY I just wanna scream and puke and scream and puke and scream some more I wanna rip my skin I wanna step out of it I wanna AIAEHLJF,DBIAULRSKGFH,VLICZHB TFXJGHGSBSENRUDRN6U WV4 DXH AWKSYTH I'm tired and I want to sleep and I want to eat and I want to taste and I want to feel and now I'm careless or should I say care free cause really in the end everything so fucking petty.

Tanaka Mupinga
Tanaka Mupinga
4 days ago

Though I appreciate art, the likes of Romel, and Van Gogh,
Why waste a simple blip of time staring at a photo?
When I can just call out her name, feel her warmth, see her face.
You can't close something that was never opened in the first place.

Hence this album, not displayed, was aged beyond it's looks,
It didn't even ware, we only opened other books.
With no need to reminisce and new moments being made,
We'd always been together, strong connections never fade.

But now I sit here solitary, all alone, a noble gas,
Flipping pages, gazing slowly through a book about our past.
My poetic voice was turned to slur, it left me, effervescence,
Her attitude, the glow she had; demeanor luminescent.

Was it her winning grin and perfect skin that gained all my affection;
Or her innocence, so bold, yet pure that warrented protection?
Could it have been her smile, that smile, that made me want to make her laugh?
Yes, that smile, that smile, my lovely perfect other half.

When I humored her, she humored me, we functioned as a pair,
Everything was perfect, pure commitment always fair.
In all our years, in all that time I'd never gotten more,
Butterflies than when she made that look that I adored.

Unfortunately death was something she could not evade
Unfortunately death is never easily delayed.
Looking down and thinking back to the way that things had been
I can't help but shed a tear and ironically still grin.

Though I appreciate art, the likes of the right ear of Van Gogh
This album, now so precious, is all I have to show.
My life became this incomplete on the day this earth she left.
For Life is platinum in a bank, and death is just the theft.

We all know about the one that got away. This is about the one that couldn't...
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