Pearl Smoke
Pearl Smoke
Sep 6, 2014

Fuck Wtf Am iDoing
Making This Worse For My Self
iJust Begun
And Re Picked Up
This iS Were iT Starts.
Should Begin To Worry
iTs Way To Early!
Already On A Thin Line The Last Chapter iN My Life
till My Death Story.
iM Killing Me Slowly
By Taking This Substance.
My Times Ticking
My Hearts Beating
As iContinue To Use
More Like Abuse.
iCant Just Take
1 Line Or Smoke 1 Bowl
And Save The Rest.
iGo All About And Have To Do Every Last Bit.
Then iGo On Again To Finding A Way To Get More Of it

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sp;    Our thoughts have got turned into    &nbs

We have to keep silent                                                                                              Simply because we're not allowed to talk ...                                                           Our thoughts have got turned into                                                                         Tiny ones                                                                                                                    Simply because that's it ...                                                                                            Our pretty words have become abbreviated                                                           For many reasons ...                                                                                                  To be is not allowed anymore                                                                                    Simply because to be not has got replaced by it ...                                                     We have got cornered                                                                                             Anywhere and everywhere ...                                                                               _____________________

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Let me be the first to say,
I'm not sorry for the words I said.
They may of been said in haste,
and put you in your place.
Enjoy the taste, of your own medicine.

Bittersweet quitter,
I could eat you for dinner.
There could only be one winner,
and I can't see you celebrating a victory today.

Take me away to the place where we doubled down,
your humbled frown,
in your dressing gown.
No one else around,
the screams in the backround,
no one will backdown,
at least for now.

I'm still not sorry,

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the lone sea wolf
the lone sea wolf
Nov 14, 2014

That's what engulfed me
and my heart
before I could risk anything.
I could never put my best foot forward
when it came to you
knowing that I may never get a chance.
I could never make a move towards you
knowing that at some point,
we may end up further apart that what we already are

In my desire to cease my longing,
I drew away myself away from you
only to suffer and unquenchable thirst,
one that only you can provide a relief to

I'm sure you'd be surprised
if I told you,
a part of me still wants to be with you.
Because in the end,
I regret the path I chose to deviate from,
I regret not taking my chances with you
I regret, not trusting you
Because we could have been forever,
and we'd never know.

#heartbreak   #sad   #away   #the   #you   #one   #that   #got  

She is like a wave the way she breaks and formulates.
Calm and crazy change of state.
She moves in her own ways,
consistently different,
but the motion seems familiar to me.
Too far gone and lost at sea.
High and ready to break down.

I’m sure she’ll always bring me back to land.

Got Guanxi
Got Guanxi
4 hours ago

Juxtapose my thoughts hold close and dearly,
nearly an artist.
Recently started,
standing up to be counted,
but the fact is,
the numbers don’t add up.

Pull the rug from underneath my feet,
and i’ll feel at one with the ground.
my soles will meet the surface,
and the holes in the life i chose.
will be exposed to those I surround.

Mistakes repeated like a daily routine.
a habitual cycle,
ritual in virtue,
I never meant to hurt you,
but the aftershocks are oblivious to man made emotions,
you watch in retreat,
as I go full circle.

Meander through my mind,
for one final time, 

maybe mine will change yours,
like the course of a river,
after a natural disaster.

My time alone is golden,
selfishly spent,
a time to payback and repent,.
I wish that made sense,
I whispered again.

For heavens sakes,
when the levee breaks,
you might understand,
I’m scared of the sea,
but i’m lost on the land.

#love   #sad   #life   #mistakes  
Got Guanxi
Got Guanxi
7 days ago

I deviate from the mistakes i make
and take a deep breath,
no secrets kept,
but she bends and breaks,
as i regress from the changes I make,
lost in the storm,
progression sessions,
last chance to reform,
She’s torn between two minds,

mine and hers colliding with the world
at the same time.

She's my world so i best change my climate.

back to my prime mate.

back to a primate.

masquerade like she can’t see through my invisible cape.
mask on my face,
she mastered her escape,
overnight stay,
left to my escapades.
Empty without her to serenade at the end of the day.

The end of days,

she understands me,
but i’ve been underhanded,
and underneath it all,
she can’t stand me.

She’s my plan A,
 and plan B,
my baby,

my plan C.
she understands my language.

Easily to procrastinate,
but we’ve passed that place,
and soon we can procreate
and make a mini me…

But I haven’t mastered Nate,
in a drastic place,
hanging like a basket case,
leaving a bitter taste, 
in the whole vicinity.

Clinically, cynically outspoken,

like a potion was given to me,
a smokescreen,
to hide my identity.
No hope,
searching for an antidote,
or remedy,
to usurp the soul hidden deep inside me.

fcked up again !
#love   #soul   #mistakes   #weekend  
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