Dec 16, 2015

to you I am but a memory,
waiting to be forgotten

#loss   #past   #memory  
Jan 2, 2015

All memories are filled with pain
Making cloudy eyes dark with rain
The happy times are missed dearly
Sadness remembered oh so clearly...

Hanging six feet off the ground
Hanging but without a sound
This is more than just a rope
It's my time machine of hope

#pain   #hope   #memories   #dark   #past   #rope   #sixfeet  
I learned from my past and tried,
The Girl Who Loves You

I'm sorry...
  I was never good enough for you,
     That you never really loved me...
         I'm sorry for all the things I didn't do...

I'm sorry...
   I learned from my past and tried,
      That I did everything right...
          I'm sorry for all the times I cried...

I'm sorry...
   I'm trying so hard this time around,
       That you'll never really love me...
           I'm sorry you lift me up when I feel.  
                                                         ­   down...

                                           I'm so sorry....

#love   #pain   #cried   #past   #wrong   #trying   #sorry   #right   #present  
*I tried to put the past behind
Jun 15, 2014

I tried to put the past behind
And let it go
But how do you let go of something
That has made you who you are today
In the past of the past
Lies my present
And the future of the future
Will be based on the present
Which eventually becomes the past

#future   #past   #present  
You can't ignore the past
Paramount Pawn
Paramount Pawn
May 12, 2015

No matter how grave it is
You can't ignore the past
But you can't relive it
History doesn't repeat itself
The story changes too
The past you had
Is a guide for what you can achieve

#life   #past   #story   #history  
Our past
ashley m
ashley m
Mar 23, 2014

Our past
Lights gone, days end
Over-thinking, waiting
Reminiscing, without you, Love
Kills Me!

While in class, we were told to make a Cinquain. And since most of my friends are into relationship and experiencing break-ups. I end up writing this. Lol.
Oh! Love, I'm still young for that.
No matter how long it takes, true love is always worth the wait x
#love   #hurt   #past   #goodbye   #break-up  
the past of you
Terra Lopez
Terra Lopez
May 16, 2014

the past of you
and taunts
in interesting ways
i am learning
how to develop
a soft
my heart
and mind
in order to move

#love   #past  
We have too much past
Jun 8, 2014

There can be no millionth chance.
We’re not meant to be.

Forgiveness happened long ago,
But I believe that maybe,

We have too much past
To have a present

#love   #heartbreak   #past  
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