Jun 19

Love is cholesterol in the heart,
sugar in the blood.

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Sep 26, 2014

There’s something in my chest
Growing, swelling
A disease manifesting in my heart
It latches to my nerves and infects my brain
It’s love

It overflows from my heart
Oozing through my ribs like a thick river
Of butterflies and tired words
Remembered laughs and the sound of your voice

But lately it’s a symphony of voices
A theatre full of musicians playing my heartstrings
You’re a musician baby, and so are they

I’m sick
Infected with too much love for too many people
It’s a heart transplant
But they don’t take my old heart out first
Just add more and more until they spill from my ribs
Filling every corner of me until I crack

But baby I love it

Don't get me wrong, this is supposed to be a happy poem
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samantha lauren
samantha lauren
May 22, 2014

love is a disease that i welcomed easily
i ran into it's arms and got stabbed right in the heart
betrayed by the feeling that i had always trusted most
and when i fell back hoping to be caught
you weren't there, you weren't there
i fell right to the floor, you told me you loved me
and then you left me there cold and sore

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Mar 25, 2013      Mar 26, 2013

just now my heart gave two great
and heaving beats
that shuddered my whole chest.
i know this is just a symptom
of the cardiac quirk i inherited from my mother
but it felt to me like some sort of physical closure.
for a moment after it happened
my chest didn't have that emptiness anymore.
my body is healing my nonbody.
that's what it felt like.
for a second, anyway.

Cigarettes kill.
Damage lungs.
Cause difficulties with breathing.
Heart disease.

Oct 5, 2014


Trying to use
to overcome an addiction
is like applying
topical medicine
to cure


Catherine Jarvis
(C) October 5, 2014

I consider addiction
To be a
A person who is
Addicted to anything
Has made that
Person/thing their
Higher Power
Nov 10, 2014

For so long I have held it to heart
that to be affected is to be infected,
so much so that it has become a disease;
my heart disease.

Not bought on by an over consumption of calories
but a product of being ill at ease with those around me
and that within me,
so better bin me. Better? Bin me.
I'm done being me.

About the broken heart-disease
Dec 30, 2011

If the world knew what I knew
About the broken heart-disease
And how it festered deep inside you,
Or if they’d seen you change as I had
Caught quick glances of the real you,
If they’d watched there be no cure
As it became a trust infection,
If the world weren’t so sure that you
were just an imperfection
Then they’d box up their rejection
And accept you.

Rickie Louis
Rickie Louis
Jul 26, 2011

I am greedy,
Greedier than greed,
Motive lies,
Behind each deed,
All I do,
That motive,
Is to,
One thing,
It's behind,
My being,
My smile,
My hello,
All my well wishes,
It's all that I know,
It's my worth,
To me,
It's first,
More than gold,
It cannot be,
Or sold,
It is very rarely,
As it seems,
And when it's not,
It plagues me,
It's my own,
Heart disease,
I do not disagree,
I deserve this,
With all my greed.

The Great Newfoundland novel (summation)

A young man brimming with
Townie piss and vinegar or
Bay boy brimming with obnoxious  bravado

Eventually he leaves and discovers
How people  treat fellow man
Seemingly beaten down
Genetic history Of Newfoundland Truck System

Alongside founders population variance,
Upward spike in heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancers

Lurks engrained learned hopelessness
Smouldering in "Newfie" jokes
You'd better hope I let it slide
Unless you wanna find out
What a peat moss bog smells like
Or how it feels to freeze to death
Tied to a crucifix

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