love is a disease that i welcomed easily
i ran into it's arms and got stabbed right in the heart
betrayed by the feeling that i had always trusted most
and when i fell back hoping to be caught
you weren't there, you weren't there
i fell right to the floor, you told me you loved me
and then you left me there cold and sore

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Mar 25, 2013      Mar 26, 2013

just now my heart gave two great
and heaving beats
that shuddered my whole chest.
i know this is just a symptom
of the cardiac quirk i inherited from my mother
but it felt to me like some sort of physical closure.
for a moment after it happened
my chest didn't have that emptiness anymore.
my body is healing my nonbody.
that's what it felt like.
for a second, anyway.

About the broken heart-disease
Dec 30, 2011

If the world knew what I knew
About the broken heart-disease
And how it festered deep inside you,
Or if they’d seen you change as I had
Caught quick glances of the real you,
If they’d watched there be no cure
As it became a trust infection,
If the world weren’t so sure that you
were just an imperfection
Then they’d box up their rejection
And accept you.

Rickie Louis
Rickie Louis
Jul 26, 2011

I am greedy,
Greedier than greed,
Motive lies,
Behind each deed,
All I do,
That motive,
Is to,
One thing,
It's behind,
My being,
My smile,
My hello,
All my well wishes,
It's all that I know,
It's my worth,
To me,
It's first,
More than gold,
It cannot be,
Or sold,
It is very rarely,
As it seems,
And when it's not,
It plagues me,
It's my own,
Heart disease,
I do not disagree,
I deserve this,
With all my greed.

Courier Pigeon
Courier Pigeon
Mar 5, 2012

Wash my brain
Wash it clean
Burn it down with kerosene
Self inflicted lobotomy
I wish I could tell you what's wrong with me
I bring new meaning to heart Disease
Everything I love runs speedily
It's for the best
Don't you agree?
They'll never see
My crazy streak
They'll love me for
What I am not
The empty smiles
And pointless thoughts
I'll put them in my special box
and pretend that I forgot
This is just a game I play
to keep the rain at bay
Nothing more to say
I was born this way

My face in your chest
Gather my tears
Protect me from everything
I fear

My face in your chest
Tears fall for the ground
You catch them before they touch
Hold me Save me

Worrying too much
You are my clutch
Don't let me alone
Stay by my side please

Without you I would freeze
Death would come without the sun
You give me reason to smile, to run
A cure to my broken heart disease

Strong with you
Together we make two
In you I find comfort
Your arms are my blanket

I just want to stay warm
You're the only one who knows how
To make me feel safe
Yet on the streets I walk alone now

My face in your chest
Pull me closer now
I listen for your heartbeat
The only one I'll allow

Written by SarahLydia Kiehlmeier on January 28th, 2011

Monarchy Mandatory.
Capitalism Mandatory.
Conservatism Mandatory.
Terrorism Mandatory.
Corruption Mandatory.
Incompetence Mandatory.
Socialism Mandatory.
Dictatorship Mandatory.
Militarism Mandatory.
Liberalism Mandatory.
Bhuddism Mandatory.
Islam Mandatory.
Christianity Mandatory.
Judaism Mandatory.
Hinduism Mandatory.
Vedism Mandatory.
Hatred Mandatory.
Anarchy Mandatory.
Jealousy Mandatory.
Nationalism Mandatory.
Fascism Mandatory.
Racism Mandatory.
Lies Mandatory.
Hypocracy Mandatory.
Obesity Mandatory.
Heart Disease Mandatory.
Cancer Mandatory.
Idiocy Mandatory.
All of us Humans.
Of all Five Colours.
Wherever we be.
Whatever we do.
What do we call ourselves now?.
How about shallow nitpickers?.
Or celebrity obsessed morons?.
Or religious hypocrits?.
Or Democrats?.
Or Socialists?.
Or Revolutionaries.
Or just plain "nice folks"?.
Or supporters of oligarchy  policies
no matter how many dead or injured as a result.
As if poets have the explanation to life.
When they are voluntary slaves of Mind
and Conditioned Identity..
As if poets had the balls to go beyond all these things.
As if .
Scrape the Moons suface and you will find a delicate Castello Blue.

Feb 21, 2012

I'm a bit of an agnostic,
sounds a little weasely I know,
But god in addressing you
should i be using a cap G
or lower case g?
As a compromise for this conversation
let's agree
you get a small g and i get small i.
If you've been monitoring events down here
you know we have some not small problems,
and one of those problems you could easily solve by making an appearance.
Nothing apocryphal,
maybe a United Nation speech
to seven billion hearts 'n minds,
and as proof its really you,
you could cause peace to reign,
cure hunger,
call off heart disease and cancer,
for a statistically significantly period,
let's say three years.
What's in it for you?
How about that capital "G"?

CG Abenis
CG Abenis
Feb 2, 2012

You rocked back and forth
Looking at the stars from your
90 year - old door.

You're three years older
Than your creepy old - styled house,
And yet you're alone.

Nobody visits,
They don't even seem to care,
Yes, nobody does.

You're old and weak now,
Always rocking back and forth
on your rocking chair.

When people pass by
They show that weird, awkward stare,
Then you start to glare.

You're old and weak now,
And you have a heart disease,
No one dares to help.

Poor old man, you are
Left  with nothing but your wealth,
Just your worthless wealth.

I would want to help,
If I were just your neighbor,
I will help yourself.

It's like a combination of broken-heart-disease and anxiety-virus.
Brandon Yates
Brandon Yates
Mar 14, 2013

I must have deleted this very line a thousand times.
My thoughts just keep racing, you see?
I really can't stop it.
I can only hope that whatever spews out is worth writing down.
It's not completely chaotic.
It is directed by a particular condition.
It's like a combination of broken-heart-disease and anxiety-virus.
I should be happy right now.
But I'm not.
I should also be asleep.
That's not happening either.
But I've got a bag full of sunshine.
At least in that world I'll find some peace.
I know it's not exactly a positive thing.
To everyone else.
But I like it.
Things like that, they make me feel free.
You can call it escapism if you want.
But aren't you running too?

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