Dec 7, 2014

She loves me,
She loves me not.
And then she
Loves me.
Then she,
Changes her mind at the drop of a hat.
Fight all the time, how fucked up is that.

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Hopeless Wanderer
Hopeless Wanderer
Aug 30, 2014

She was in love.
It made her happy.

She bloomed.
It changed her mood.

She always smile.
It attracted positivity.

She spoke of love.
It surprised people.

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Dec 6, 2014

She feared execution.
She feared prosecution.
She feared empty coffer.
She feared uncertain future.
She feared darkness.
She feared loneliness.
She feared room and window.
She feared her shadow.
She feared her bed.
Fear was inside her head.
If only she had feared one.
She would have feared none.

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David P Carroll
David P Carroll
Nov 11, 2016

She held the only
Key to my
Warm loving heart
Only she only she
You hold it tightly
I'll only ever left
She hold the key
To my warm loving heart.
David P Carroll

David P Carroll
Only She
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But she's got cobwebs in her mouth
Lies Cut Short
Lies Cut Short
Jan 1, 2015

Her throat is growing flowers
But she's got cobwebs in her mouth
She has so much to say
But she just can't get it out

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Even now, she's not stupid
Jul 22, 2015

She was everything but stupid
Even now, she's not stupid
She's just falling in love
with the wrong guy

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Kinsey Jordyn
Kinsey Jordyn
Dec 15, 2014

All these quotes saying "she" , but does anyone know that "she" is really me?

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May 21, 2016

Poetry was all she talked about
and Poetry was all she was.

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Marte Lindholm
Oct 8, 2016

She was so busy not getting sad
That eventually she got

#sad   #she   #busy  
Sep 26, 2015

He loves her as much as she loves  him
Her is everything to him
He is everything to she
If only he loves she and not her
If only she was her.

#love   #sad   #unrequited   #she   #he  
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