womin and childrin first !!
izzy w
Dec 27, 2011

G-D bless the united Sates

                          of AMERICA



            some pagan satan ravens

kissing each others of the same sex

hot on the dirty mouth,     crushing

each others black-winged desires

into diamonds of

                              hard lust

        they wear as inverted

            wedding rings

kiss this cross !! burn everyone,

womin and childrin first !!


Feb 10, 2015

Fuck monkey matchin
No silverbackin plus
Cents crackin
Legin generatin genesin
Kept revelation runnin
War paint tattooin
Dropped nitpickin
Not speaking for all seeing
So fuck that ind
Short e pro sent
Ridin' those who drivin'
Securin Isisin icinism
Goin' sketch fhiminism
Not scared to fold my poker
Face ain't evin though these
eight balls(is) grabbin
Yea that much baggin
up cruel indifferent
No difference
Just hook line skankin
Splish splashin groupie
Won't color gender but hawk skinned race De baitin'
Outlivin' the momentiun
Bendin those poets brigade in
Coded runaway genius claimin sistym
Bro rexin, t burnin'
Cause Im beatin up
Atom baby momma
Metapen sweepin'
Follow him
Or her or them
Just stay the fuck away from
Mygenes aint cells splittin eyes crackin'
Fucks you know you can hear
Me writin'
No x marks the bar outletin
Find another plug
Or source I'm not chargin
Will en riched by those
Germans who made the mistake
Of breedin' while sleepin'
Ima a boss that don't speak
Keep readin'!
This is
Cobbsland. Stop countin
stars shining in daylight poppin
science whorin metaphorin
Alien abductin
Yea, they love them some black
Womins'    shh its a secret          (ethnics ethics)
Gullah grainin
Freed my ass so my mind is
No longer trainin ill rainin'
laggin' no cadillac, no car, in my
dents in my
Accents indentin
I'm not from africa muthaphucka
But i represent
Kin clickin against

us fellas can find our way back to our womin."
Paddy Martin
Nov 1, 2010

The old man sat, his legs crossed,
opposite the young boy, in the dirt.
"See dat fella?" he said pointing at a tree,
"Dat fella's yer brother, yer big brother."
The boy turned and looked at the tree.
"He's a livin' fella just like you are,
I remember when he was a little fella,
just like you're a little fella now."
The old man smiled, "He's a good fella."
he continued "he'll give ya his bark,
fer yer to make shelter and his branches,
fer yer to make fire when it's cold."

"Dat one dare! Can ya see da bush?"
he asked "Dat bush, dat one your aunty,
when you're hungry she will give ya berries.
See dem little ones?" pointing at the flowers,
"Dem ones they are ya sisters." He announced,
"Dem one's bring you beauty and brightness,
dem ones are de girls dat make us all happy."
The old man laughed showing the gaps in his teeth.
Pointing up he said "Look at dat fella up dare!
Dat fella he carries the sun around ter keep us warm,
an' when dat fella cries he fills our water holes,
dat fella he's our friend he lights candles at night,
so us fellas can find our way back to our womin."

"And what about you grandfather? What are you?"
The boy asked as he looked up at the old man.
"Me!" replied the grandfather "I guess I am da bringer.
I'm dat fella that brings these stories to yer,
so yer can understand that the country is our family,
it is alive like we are and that joins us together."
The old man tapped a twig, he was holding, on his foot.
"When the wind has blown my skin off and I am,
only a white stick laying in the desert sand,
yer will be the one who will look after dis family."
he said. "Then yer will become da bringer."

(c) 31/03/2010

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