I am you looking at me
Tyrannical Bastard

I am you looking at me
look into me and what do you see?
you see me looking at you

I look at you and what do I see?
I see you looking at me
for you are me looking at you

...to the reflection.
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Looking for peace under every rock I see
harmony crescent
harmony crescent
May 14, 2015

Looking for peace under every rock I see
Looking for love in every magazine
Looking for hope in every drop of rain
Praying that You will take away my pain

Mercury Chap
Mercury Chap
Jun 8, 2015

Just one look of your eyes
Blazes a spark in the whole room.

#eyes   #look   #spark  

The scents, the sounds, the moves, the looks of love,
Cannot be described in the books of love.

#love   #of   #the   #couplet   #looks  
M Preston Harris
M Preston Harris
Nov 7, 2014

Smoke in the eye,
is worth two burnt fingers.
One fleeting glance,
is worth two good looks.
Admitting that you aren't any good,
isn't worth anything at all.

This was written about a year and a half ago.
#good   #smoke   #worth   #looks  
Feb 6, 2016

.نبحثُ عن شخصٍ قريب، و ننسى أن الله أقربُ من حَبلِ الوريد
We look for someone close and we forgot that Allah is closer to us than our jugular vein.

#closer   #look   #vein  
Alexa  B
Alexa B
Feb 7, 2015

I want to look at you the way you look at me.

I want to look at everything the way you do.

I want to look at myself through your eyes.

I want you to look at me through mine.

#feelings   #eyes   #need   #boyfriend   #cant   #help   #selfesteem   #look  
Dec 1, 2014

I used to be able to look at you and you'd know
You used to beg me to stop
You used to make me stop
You were the only one

But I just looked at you and you looked right back
You looked at me like I was a crazy person

At least you finally figured it out, I guess

Darling KB... I'm so gone.
Ash Saveman
Ash Saveman
Apr 27, 2015

Look down
Don't let them see

Look away
That tear can't be noticed

Turn away
They can't see the marks

Look down
Don't show your emotions

Look away
You are nothing
Nothing to them

#feelings   #sad   #depression   #abuse   #hurt   #look   #hidding  
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